Bukowina Tatrzanska
Tatra County
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Things To Do in Bukowina Tatrzanska

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coo***anAmazing views! Path up is not that easy as to Morskie Oko. It goes through rocks and stones. But it''s possible to climb it. The path is only one for up and down going people, so it may get kind of crowded. And you need to wear comfortable shoes for this climb. But the view from there is fantastic. You can see Morskie Oko from up. The Black Pond is magnificent as well. It connects to Morskie Oko by waterfall.
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E30***96A good place not to be missed, you can take a 45-minute carriage ride or walk for about two hours, and you can go to a modern and beautiful place.
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coo***anThe museum has a large collection of artworks from Hasior. Though I didn''t heard of him, I was astonished at the moment when entering the museum. The style of art was extremely strange and yet fascinating. The ideas behind each artwork could have multiple interpretation as there was no description of them except the titles. It may only take less than an hour to go through all the collections but definitely worth visiting.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
卡奇山口曾布There is a direct bus 304 opposite the Krakow Department Store. English-speaking tour guide ticket 79 waves plus 10 yuan photo permit. The salt mine is very deep. I got dizzy when I walked down about 50 stairs, but it was definitely worth it. It’s a wonderful place, artificial miracles, and many artworks. There is the deepest foreign dining hall in the world, which is not expensive, and it is worthwhile to sell souvenirs at the outlet. Awesome place
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E34***60krakow is a very histrocial town in Poland, compare to Warsaw it is more relaxing and have more attaction for tourist. It is also the main connection town for visitng the Poland Concentration Camp.
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TodemmyTatra Mountains, also called High Tatras, Slovak Vysoké Tatry, Polish Tatry Wysokie, highest range of the Central Carpathians. The mountains rise steeply from a high plateau and extend for approximately 40 miles (64 km) along the Slovakian-Polish frontier, varying in width from 9 to 15 miles (14 to 24 km). About 300 peaks are identified by name and elevation, the highest being Gerlachovský (or Gerlach) Peak.Although it has no glaciers or permanent snowfields, the range otherwise resembles the Alps.