Valle del Cauca
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乐天的静I don't particularly like the zoo, but my wife likes it. But this zoo is very well designed. The animals in the cage make me feel uncomfortable, but the zoo on the whole gives people a feeling of comfort and relaxation. The vulture was locked in a small cage and looked very lonely, but now a larger cage is being built, and it is definitely not as comfortable as flying over the Andes! I am very interested in butterfly houses and bird farms. In short, it is a very good, well-organized and well-designed zoo.
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翱翔的大鲨鱼This place itself is a garden. On the hiking road, the tourist farms, exotic grasses, various buildings and graffiti on the buildings, the Latin American style that kills a little bit is very fascinating and stop to watch.
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乐天的静The Museo De La Caña is a beautifully preserved sugar plantation home set on an expansive estate filled with tropical gardens. I highly recommend visiting during the week, if possible, to avoid the crowds and have more freedom to explore the beautiful grounds. The gardens themselves are a stunning example of tropical flora and fauna, and they are extremely well-maintained. If you speak Spanish, definitely ask for a guide to accompany you! Our guide, Nelson, was fantastic, and we learned so much
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WillSumA green area in the middle of the city stands with a two-story religious building with a double tower. The central sketch with a strong church style contains many statues of local saints, reflecting the local religious attitude towards prayer
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乐天的静Four of us, the tour guide (a great young lady named Su Li?) spoke Spanish and the two girls in our team helped us translate. We are Californians and we have seen monarch butterflies in our town, but I have never seen a butterfly covered with beautiful golden emeralds. The place is small and amazing. There is a butterfly exclusion zone surrounded by nets, and there is a Colombian-shaped garden where artists are creating animals. Tickets are 12,000 per person and give cash. We also gave a tip. Recommend, this place is on the way to Christo del Rey.
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WillSumThe collection in the museum is very petty bourgeoisie. There are many photography machines from the 18th century to the present. The old antiques occupy a large area and are very technical. The exhibits in the pavilion are displayed in boxes or individually arranged. The back wall is engraved with many famous movie star poster photos (most of them are women). The century-old photographic equipment does seem to make people travel to the past, which is considered a journey. A surprise