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Things To Do in Changsha

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Cultural Experiencial Area
_We***83The island itself is quite easy to walk to from various hostels and hotels. you’ll get a beautiful view of the river whilst on top of the bridge. the island has many little buildings and sights to see. the huge statue of Mao is of course the busiest. There are buses that go around the island to help you get from place to place quickly but I quite enjoyed the walk. There are plenty of vantage points for great views and pictures.
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Humphreyon my third day in Changsha I decided to go and visit the museum and I can say I learned quite a lot about Hunan’s history and how the people who lived there used to do things, the dynasty, emperors and also the huge emperors tomb, I also managed to make a friend along the way, it was an awesome experience!
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Theme Park
_We***57I am a graduate in 2021, so the price is still more pro-people, I went when there are few people, it is quite fun, the Ferris wheel really must punch! ! ! Especially good, that haunted house is OK, not particularly stunning, the sightseeing tower is also worth going (to bring a mask), but most of them are still scary, so those who are less daring may not play a few, the children have special fine hair Paradise, The water park needs to bring a swimsuit and it has to open at 1 pm. It is special to go in the afternoon. The Kongo Park is also good. The children can go to play. The pirate ship is really a huge fun, but my friends are afraid to play only once. European street is really suitable for photographs! ! Also fun show...only a few general amenities as I went with a particularly timid friend, will go again next time!!
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_内蒙彭于晏_Still very good, the pass can be free for buses, many museums, performance pass can also be free to watch, a ticket has many uses, but other costs are also very large, riding, feeding small animals, or eating something may empty your wallet (╥╯﹏╰╥) ง
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M31***04Dragon Boat Festival brings home children to play, it is very cost-effective to buy a package ticket. The adult is 180, the child just doesn't have one meter or two, play the polar aquarium free ticket, as long as you buy a 40 yuan discount ticket for water park, you can play the polar aquarium, Mengchongguan and water park, there are various robots, mermaids, Ukrainian style dance, dolphins and that sea lion show, superb! The aquarium is very cool, the water park is very refreshing, the children do not want to go home from morning to evening, I highly recommend parent-child Baoma to punch in~
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praty-ppIf you like hiking 🥾, try this place. It’s quite peaceful with an excellent balance between nature and human architecture marvels.