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壬丙相照The small park is very quiet, the ecological environment is good, especially for walking in the morning and evening. There are many flamingos inside, very suitable for parent-child tours. There is also a small exhibition hall to introduce some tropical creatures, and the interactive fun is not bad. Next to the park is the Hilton Hotel, because it is not located in the city and the hotel is not expensive. If you have enough time to travel to Hainan West Line by car, you can stay here for one night and enjoy the scenery.
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josefjiebailiFew travelers go to Chengmai especially, and I like coffee so I drive 30 minutes from Leiqiong Geopark to Fushan Coffee Town, which was developed in the year, Qionghai Coffee Town was a little bit of a fire, but coffee is a personal culture, Really as a regional feature tourists don't seem to sell this bill, so it has been tepid, but I found that the locals are soaking in coffee, a riding street opens more than a dozen coffees, it really has Nanyang customs, I personally like it, I was willing to drink a cup of coffee according to my temper, after all, there was a record of 38 cups a day. Unfortunately, wife and children to coffee feelings general, picked a coffee, um, good standard, no imaginary Nanyang coffee is sweet, not strong not light, just right, the technician is know to make coffee.
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带恬宝走世界Yongqing Temple is located in Chengmai County, Hainan Province, Yingbin Peninsula tourist area. Yongqing Temple was built in the Northern Song Dynasty, one of the eight scenes of Chengmai in ancient times, is a famous zenlin holy place in Hainan history. After successive dynasties and successive dynasties, the construction of the Yongqing Temple has been continuously expanded, forming a certain scale. The temple has three Buddha Hall, more than 10 East and West wing rooms and the mountain gates. The temples are equipped with Nyorai Buddha, Guanshiyin Buddha and many Bodhisattva, respectively, for the Qiongbei people Fenglin Holy Land. Good men and women often pray, incense and fire around. At that time, the surrounding trees are lush, the sun is covered, the scenery is beautiful, the environment is quiet, for the ancient Chengmai famous eight scenes.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
滇国剑客Yongqing cultural tourism scenic spot beautiful scenery, everywhere by the Fenglin composition of the landscape, especially into the painting, suitable for photography lovers as the background and the theme of shooting, every day a person who create Hainan sightseeing tour will come here.
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Ancient Pagoda
桐嵕黄名A sister twin tower with Song Dynasty style, architecture style has a thousand and one autumn, the most unique charm is the Southern Song Dynasty style relief sculpture, very prosperous aesthetic, details of the depiction is also worth the appreciation! The study of architecture, art, folk customs, social politics and religion in the late Southern Song Dynasty is a unique gem.
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莺语花儿Jinshan Temple in Chengmai County, Chengmai County, located in the west highway of Hainan Province, Jinjiang Town, built in the Ming Dynasty during the Hongwu years, before liberation destroyed by the war, in 1993 reconstruction. The total building area of the temple is over 100 mu, the scale is magnificent, is the Hainan Province is the current large Buddhist building. And built in 2014 and opened the highest 88.79m 16 floors (13 floors above ground, 3 floors below ground) of Hainan Wanfu Longevity Pharmacist Buddha Tower, dedicated to the Buddhist circle Taidou Benzhang elder Sheli, henceforth should be transformed into a pharmacist Buddha Dojo. The current abbot of Jinshan Temple is Shichangle Magician.

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Yongqing Cultural Scenic RegionChengmai,China

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Jinshan TempleChengmai,China

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Fushan Coffee Culture TownChengmai,China

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Chengmai R & F Mangrove Wetland ParkChengmai,China

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Chengmai Travel Tips

About Chengmai

Chengmai County is in southwest Hainan Island. Chengmai is rich in many products, has an agreeable climate, and has been made famous by eminent figures. The area abounds in tourism resources and has bright prospects for development. Outstanding specialty products like Fushan coffee, Chengmai Kuding tea, oranges, and coffee liqueur are produced here. Famous sites include the Fushan Coffee Cultural Town, Yongqing Temple, and Meilang Twin Pagodas.

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