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84 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
National Park
摆渡修行I opened the curtains in the morning and the tree trunks outside were swaying in the wind. When I opened the window, the wind and rain in Zagreb made it time to test us. After breakfast, the luggage was boarded and we set off for Plitvice Lakes Park. The name Plitvice Lakes was given by the Chinese. The real name is Plitvice Lakes National Park. It is because of the mouth, and it is mainly composed of 16 lakes of different sizes, so it is simply called Plitvice Lakes Park. , As the name suggests, concise and easy to remember. It is a famous tourist attraction in Croatia and a protected world natural heritage site. The tour guide said that the Sixteen Lakes is the Jiuzhaigou in Europe. Both are lakes surrounded by barium calcification. Both have the same brilliant colors. So we basically understand it. Of course, this is just a rough metaphor. Each has its own merits, and people have their own love. The car is driving on the endless green highway. Although it is windy and raining, everyone's enthusiasm is not diminished. Through the car windows, they enjoy the natural scenery on both sides, screaming and taking pictures from time to time, wet roads, and green grass. Sometimes I see cows and horses wandering in groups, in groups, and in groups, passing villages, wooden houses, churches, forests, clouds, and hills along the way. Soon the bus stopped in a place similar to a service area. The European service area is generally very small, and this service area is relatively large. The tour guide said that the Chinese food is withdrawn and it is here, and it is up to everyone. Fortunately, they were all prepared. In the morning, they brought spare fruit and egg foods from the restaurant. Everyone did not feel bad with each other. The foreigners in the snack bar are not out there, and they are warmly received. Even though they do not buy their things, they still provide table seats and give you hot water. You will have a marching meal in this place. Upstairs is a big supermarket. The tour guide bought a pair of cotton velvet trousers. We also went up and looked at the goods in the supermarket. The prices are similar to those in China, perhaps Chinese goods. Arrived at the Plitvice Lakes scenic spot in the afternoon. There were many tourists from all over the world. We stood by and waited for the guide to pick us up. The rain is getting heavier and harder to withstand the normal umbrellas. Fortunately, the teammates gave a spare poncho and bought another one, wrapped it around, and covered it under the eaves. The guide is a Croatian beauty with thick eyebrows, big eyes and a big waist. Under her leadership, a group of people stepped on the water in the rain. First, they passed a gravel road on a hillside with pits and pits. Fortunately, they were covered in their feet. I took a plastic bag, followed the foreigner all the way, and soon stepped into the artificial plank road. The wooden plank road is protected by railings. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers. On both sides are green hills and old trees, strange peaks and strange rocks, and jungle birds at the foot. From time to time, there are torrents of mountain springs, forming waterfalls of various shapes. This is the so-called trip to Jiuzaigou in Europe. In one word, except for the foggy mountain, it is water. Different from Jiuzaigou, the scenic spot has no roads and motor vehicles, no hawking and commerce, no new market town, not so many people, only this scenery is watched, and the environment is particularly pure.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
E23***71Very touristy? yes but definitely worth the visit. Spend a day getting lost in it's many different small streets and alleys. The old town is extremely charming and discovering the back streets are a great way to get to know the city. What I loved most was stumbling upon holes in the wall which led to the sea!
26 Reviews
Observation Deck
LifeisahoneymoonA great location overlooking the ancient city of Dubrovnik. The cable car stands at the foot of the mountain outside the north gate of the ancient city. There is a huge cross on the top of the mountain. It was originally given to Ducheng by Napoleon. It was later destroyed by the war. Now there is a replica standing there.
72 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
TarynQuite amazing to think all this was built so long ago and it is still standing. A beautiful building with lots of history- definitely a good idea to go on one of the walking tours.
10 Reviews
Historical Site
Featured Neighborhood
_We***23A beautiful destination, with great bars, restaurants and a very relaxed vibe. the views at aunset are anazing.
61 Reviews
GLS***70I think this place is actually so cool. It's definitely something new to see. Although it look kind of cheesy I actually love it! It's a really cool place to visit and also kind of sad and funny at the same time.But you should definitely visit this, if you ever find yourself in Croatia.I recommend!!!

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Stone GateZagreb,Croatia

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Croatian Museum of Naive ArtZagreb,Croatia

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Brac Island (Otok Brac)Split,Croatia

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The Town Hall (City Palace)Opcina Pula,Croatia

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SilvijaOpcina Rijeka,Croatia

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City Museum of SplitSplit,Croatia

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National Parks
Seaside Resorts
The Dalmatian Coast, a place of extraordinary beauty on the Adriatic Sea. When most people think of Croatia, this is what comes to mind. Well this and of course Luka Modri?, the World Cup, and Game of Thrones. Croatia is often overshadowed by its neighbor across the Adriatic; however, travelers in the know have long recognized the region’s beauty, history, and culture. If you’re looking for a European adventure but don’t fancy traditional destinations in the West, you certainly cannot go wrong in Croatia.
avtarLove.Trip   27 May 2019
Cultural History
World Heritage Sites
Deciding where to travel for your Game of Thrones adventure is a combination of selecting your favourite scene and matching it with your desired real-world experience. For example, are your fave episodes the ones featuring King’s Landing and are you keen to go on a Europe trip? If so, then Dubrovnik is for you. Maybe you were captivated by the White Walkers or scenes from Beyond the Wall? Then better book your next trip to Iceland. How about the enchantment of Prince Doran’s water gardens? Well you’re in for a treat because that's on the list too. There’s no shortage of truly spectacular GoT related destinations. For this list we’ve selected a wide range that will appeal to everyone. Are you ready? (Warning: some mild spoilers ahead – though if you haven't finished the series yet what are you waiting for!?)   16 Jul 2020

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Croatia lies at the intersection of Central Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Balkans. The country’s long coastline is simply stunning. The more than 1,185 small islands have earned Croatia a moniker as “the country of a thousand islands.” At the world-famous Plitvice Lake, 16 natural lakes connect together and calcium carbonate deposits give the water fabulous greenish blue hues. It is a memorizing natural landscape.

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