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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
QuinissaMagnificent Palace. People say it would be hard to impress people with another palace after you visit Palaca of Versailles, which I think its true. It is huge and beautiful. Inside, you can see the decoration of the palace where the King used to live and his family. Outside, there is a HUGE and BEAUTIFUL garden which also has many fountains and a big lake. On some of the days, there will be a musical fountains show, though it costs extra money, but it is definetely worth to see. You will feel like youre actually inside a movie like Troy or Game of Thrones!
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Historical Architecture
檀Z游In fact, I didn't know much about Versailles before coming to the Palace of Versailles. I only knew that she was one of the most famous palaces. As for the internal parts, little was known. But the name of the Hall of Mirrors has long been heard. After the visit, it was really shocking and impressive.
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Modern Architecture
乖小咪The Villa Savoy in Poissy is a very simple but unusual villa. It appears white in the middle of a forest and lawn. It looks very lonely and pure. The entire villa has very good lighting and a large space. , The design is almost perfect, it is definitely an ideal place to live.
140 Reviews
西溪老翁Versailles Palace (Château de Versailles) is one of the famous palaces in Paris and one of the five great palaces in the world (China Forbidden City, Versailles Palace, Buckingham Palace, White House, Russian Kremlin). In 1979, it was listed as the World Heritage List. The Palace of Versailles, which was the palace of the French King, is now the French Museum of History and Art. It has been in existence for more than 300 years, covering an area of 1.11 million square meters, of which the building area is 11 million square meters, and the garden area is 100 million square meters. In front of the palace is a unique French garden. The garden is planted with ingenious trees and plants, beautiful and quiet scenery, and refreshing. Standing in front of the palace, jade belt like artificial river wave, the sail shadows, the two sides of the trees, lush, green yin goddess sculpture stand. Nearby is two pools of blue waves, along the pool of bronze sculptures rich and varied, beautiful.
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Historical Site
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Churches and Cathedrals
檀Z游As one of the largest palaces in the world, Versailles is also the most prestigious example of a prosperous palace. The garden covers a huge area and is fully equipped, as well as a royal chapel. The chapel is not big, of course it doesn’t need to be big, but it’s exquisite and beautiful, and it is also artistic

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Le Grand TrianonDampierres-en-Yvelines,France

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Musee Claude DebussyDampierres-en-Yvelines,France

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Piscine MontbauronDampierres-en-Yvelines,France

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Pilotage PassionDampierres-en-Yvelines,France

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Golf NationalDampierres-en-Yvelines,France

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Ferme de CoubertinDampierres-en-Yvelines,France

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