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Things To Do in Dushan

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27 Reviews
Historical Architecture
qtrqqclA very good place with a deep cultural heritage, but the transportation is not very convenient. I visited Mo Youzhi’s hometown, Kuiwen Pavilion, Daguan Garden, Shuishifutang, Yingshan Caotang, and other attractions. Shuishifutang is the world’s first water tower.
27 Reviews
滇国剑客Dushan Tiandong Scenic Area, only because of the very developed karst topography, has created this long-time by the earth-eroded rock formations of the disaster, and formed the geological wonders, because of the geological park and the tourists are attracted.
7 Reviews
海翼一号Here the mountains and waters are beautiful, the air is fresh, is not high in popularity, friends recommended to know. When the May Day goes there are quite a lot of tourists, the waterfall is high but the water is not very large, the waterfall is very green, step into the path up the mountain, the valley beautiful scenery. In addition to sightseeing, there are barbecue, camping and drifting, and only covered incomplete telecommunications signals, mobile communication signals are not, like far from the modern society. Scenic areas are estimated to be 6 kilometers back and forth, all is walking. The road to the scenic area "street curve narrow risk" just enough for two cars to meet. Especially the people who live in the city are worth a visit!
6 Reviews
滇国剑客The forest landscape of the large river mouth scenic area is integrated with the whole scenic area layout, more interestingly, the fruit trees planted in the scenic area, also became another form of landscape solidification, here at home a scene.
12 Reviews
_We***38The forest adventure is now half price, 80 for adults and 60 for children. It is worth the experience. My son played once, and took a few classmates to play in the second week. The coach next to him was also very good. He took good care of the children. When I was thirsty and wanted to drink water, but there was no one to buy water next to him, the coach called their colleague from a small shop to deliver a bottle. The coach paid for it. It was pretty good. I was going to experience the outdoor swimming pool next to it. Many
17 Reviews
_We***38The locals call Cuiquan Forest Park, also known as Feifeng Lake International Tourism Resort. It is worth visiting. Now it is the most suitable. There is a beautiful and big outdoor swimming pool, and you can also play golf.

Dushan Weather

25 Oct, 2021
10 ~ 18
26 Oct, 2021
11 / 18
27 Oct, 2021
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28 Oct, 2021
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29 Oct, 2021
Light Rain
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30 Oct, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Dushan
25 Oct, 2021 Dushan Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 74%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:54/18:14
Dushan Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Very Low