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Things To Do in Freeport

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Eddies888Tianabeach in the resort is a sandy beach enjoying the sun and the cool sea breeze. The swimming pool area in the resort has skateboarding water activities, or sunbathe on the white sand beach.
Nearby City
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乖小咪Grand Bahama is the collective name of the Bahamas. The entire Grand Bahama is very large, including Paradise Island and many other islands. It is a very entertaining island city. Not only the scenery is beautiful, but also the business is developed. It is definitely a tourist destination that people all over the world yearn for.
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Eddies888The garden founded by a couple is a botanical garden where you can enjoy nature and seclusion. Many plants are planted in the garden and the decoration is very original. Man-made waterfalls, churches, and courtyards are all worth seeing.
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Eddies888The magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral, the buildings of Stvincent are worth admiring. The statues on the exterior buildings are very exquisite. The white decoration at the entrance of the church and the elegance of the church make me feel how sacred this church is.
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Eddies888The lucayamarina harbour is a place where luxury private yachts berth. It is a harbour where the local non-rich and responsible yachts gather and depart. Here you can also visit several local gift shops and cafes and feel the scene of the Bahamas harbour.
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WillSumHere is mainly the history of the Cooper family. However, even if it was the display at the time, it was not possible to visit it upstairs, and there were only some pictures to see, so there was no clear understanding of this family. But standing on the balcony on the second floor, the sea breeze hits in the distance, and the vision is very wide. In addition, there is a huge white chair sculpture at the entrance, which is bigger than a person, which looks very special