Hastings District
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王海娃子This is both a zoo and a farm. There are animals kept in cages, and there are also animals that are released freely. The cattle and sheep must be the protagonists here, and there are also sheep shearing performances.
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杏子翰The aquarium is on the beach, with the sound of waves. The shape is round and the whole is graffiti. There are generally many kinds of things inside, and you can also see kiwi birds, and the colorful fishes are very beautiful. There is also a few hundred kilograms of dry, and I saw seahorses swimming and super large turtles. You can still visit the small city of Napier
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Geological Sites
MissVera薇拉Hidden attractions in New Zealand|Te mata Peak is very close to Havelock north of Hastings, and you can directly navigate Te Mata Peak. You can choose to hike up the mountain (see the introduction, depending on the difficulty level of different routes, about 1-2 hours). Like us, you can also choose to drive to the top of the mountain. There is also a parking lot on the top of the mountain. But the eighteenth bend on the mountain road, those who are not very familiar with self-driving friends must be careful 🪂: This is a place to play paragliders. We have seen the landing boards, but the time should be late that day, and no one is playing Paraglider. On the top of the mountain, you can see the rolling mountains, the lines of the mountains are very clear, and the outlines are obvious. The mountain trails that you can go out, you can see the wide view and the mountains of different cliffs, and the famous Hawke’s Bay in the distance. This is a hidden attraction. Few people mention it here. We also found it by accident. I thought of seeing such a magnificent scenery at sunset. Of course, the locals also regard it as a good place for walking, leisure and hiking~tips: The top of the mountain is very open, so it is very windy. It is not recommended to wear a skirt to go up the mountain. It is also best to bring windproof clothing to avoid colds.

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Elephant HillHastings District,New Zealand

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Hawkes Bay Farmyard ZooHastings District,New Zealand

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Te Awanga Estate VineyardHastings District,New Zealand

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19 Oct, 2021 Haumoana Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 45%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:20/19:35
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