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Things To Do in Hauts-De-France

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小思文The largest square in Lille is also the central area of the city. The environment of this square is very beautiful, with a rich landscape to enjoy. Here you can see many important urban landscapes in Lille, the buildings of this square The area is also quite atmospheric. [Scenery] The surrounding scenery is beautiful [Interest] Very interesting
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Historical Architecture
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
M22***00The sculptures are more tedious than Notre Dame. Other attractions are more formal and the city is quieter and neater than I was in France.
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M36***22Chantilly is very beautiful, really great tour, great views around, also horseback riding and watching horsemanship in the castle, it still feels great.
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M22***00Astek Theme Park, one of the five largest amusement parks in Europe, opened on April 30, 1989. This adventure and excitement park with cartoon characters and Greek mythology as the main body creates ghost trains, horror games, weird witchcraft, Shocking yells, acceleration, and sudden braking.
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小思文The art gallery in Lille is quite a big place, you need to buy a ticket, seven euros is not cheap, this art gallery is quite fun, a collection of a lot of French artists' works, you can enjoy it here slowly Landscape, there are very interesting and characteristic old buildings. [View] The view here is very good [Fun] hello fun
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Featured Neighbourhood
翱翔的大鲨鱼It should be a medieval town that tourists will not miss. The buildings and streets are very old-fashioned. The blue sky and white clouds are really beautiful! There is also a canal running through it. If you have time, you might as well take an hour to sit. Take a cruise, you can see the scenery and the whole town of the whole town.