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Ornamental Hot spring
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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
National Park
凹凸曼和小伙伴Congress Site National Park Recommendation index🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 📍Location: Thingvellir National Park, Reykjavik, Iceland 🚌Mode of transportation: chartered 🏞Recommended route: Golden Circle route 🌈Recommended travel season: If the holiday allows, it is recommended to choose summer, the scenery is better. 🎫Ticket: 🆓Open for free 🅿️Parking: You need to charge according to the size of the vehicle. 🚻Toilet:🆓free Only at the entrance, the restroom at the next destination of the Golden Circle trip is in the geyser. ⌚️Play time: 2 hours 📝Travel tips: 🔸Because I went on the National Day holiday, it happened to be autumn. The viewing platform was located on a high place and it was very windy, so pay attention to the work of windproof and warmth. 🔹Along the way down the viewing platform, you can hardly miss any sights. The most famous ones are the rift valleys of Eurasia and the American continent and the old parliament site. 🔸Although the prices are more expensive, it is recommended to buy your favorite souvenirs at the souvenir shop. Because although there are a lot of souvenir shops, the shops are different.
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龙年龙山人Highway 1, I thought it was a luxurious road. In fact, it is just an ordinary road with one road in both directions. In some places, there is only one road in both directions, which requires comity. But it is this road that gives me a very good driving feeling. First, it has a good view and can be seen by vehicles coming from a few kilometers away. Second, it is patchy, connected by hillsides, flat ground, and straight curves. The design is probably reasonable. Very comfortable. It is not like in China, where there are rest spots, meals, toilets and even accommodation on the road. The roadside is generally not allowed to stop, and must be suspended at a temporary parking place. There are a lot of center turntables when driving out of Lei City, so I will go straight in the future. The scenic spots along the road will have a certain distance, most of which are not too far away. There is no charge on the road, and there is no charge for parking at the scenic spots. You can buy food in the small towns along the way, and there are free toilets. But we still have enough food and drink in the big supermarket in Lei City. Salmon, sausage, bread, soda, etc.
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东张西望望东西The Big Fissure of Bibula is a very famous scenic spot in Iceland. It is also a very famous place for diving in summer. Many diving enthusiasts come from afar and attract tourists from all over the world. However, diving is not possible in winter.
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Historical Site
空心月亮As mentioned earlier, Þingvellir Þingvellir, the "National Park of Parliament Site", is the parliament land in Icelandic. The wooden observatory in Thingvellir was the place where people gathered to discuss national affairs. Behind the Icelandic flag flying next to it is a natural black stone wall. It also has a vivid Icelandic name-Lögberg, which means legal rock.
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心向远方jingOregon, the United States, has visited many national parks with characteristics due to its geological and geomorphological characteristics. Crater Lake is one of the wonders of the world. The locals said that the lake is not bottomed, more than 600 meters, but the lake is clear and transparent, and the orchid is intoxicating.