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Ancient Settlement
SuemariSo beautiful! The bars inside are quite expensive. But the atmosphere is great. Some even have live music. There are boats that take you around the town that average at about 60rmb per person. The lines for these boats are usually quite long. Bring comfortable walking shoes.
11,801 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
E40***53The bus from Shanghai South Bus Station took about an hour and it takes you right to the scenic area. Hotels can get you a discount on the entrance ticket price. Easy to get lost wandering around the narrow walkways. So many shops and tons of food to choose from. Good for a day trip from Shanghai or a quick weekend getaway.
10,065 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
穿白衬衣的薄荷星Wuzhen Jiangnan Water Town, the ancient town of thousands of millions, but in their middle, there is an ancient town, but always ranked the top of the ancient town. For more than 1300 years, the small bridge flowing water home, gather all the essence of the ancient town elements, 99 percent of people will go back to recommend it to friends. Some people know it, from the "like water years", so some people say, to see Wen and Ying stayed in the place, for a heart knot. Some people know it, from Wuzhen Drama Festival, annual, with a 1300-year history of the ancient town as the stage, performing world-class boutique dramas and young dramatists original creations. The town of Wuzhen, like the water of the year, is a familiar old town for me ...... From a little unknown town to the ancient town of water that is now famous all over the world, witnessing its rapid growth rate .... Xizha's night is the reason that many people love here. Often, some people will feel that Wuzhen is too commercialized, but behind the business is the intimate and humanized support of human and material resources ... I believe that those who walk through Wuzhen together will definitely remember each other for longer ...... Tickets: 150 yuan / person
2,034 Reviews
bonbon_chenJiaxing Nanhu, a place with red memories. After entering the park, take a 🚢 ride to the lake island at the pier, and dock a fishing boat on the left hand side. The first meeting of the Communist Party of China is held here. You can also climb the smoke and rain tower to enjoy the beautiful scenery here. Nanhu is big to see the whole picture to go to Wu Xiangyan to climb the top of the tower oh!
1,485 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
JASONYGBIt is ok. Not very exciting. Wait for long time Just have a few mins watch Also It is not impressive
2,433 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
一直在路上的猫Jiangnan Millennium Ancient Town, simple and quiet like water years 👉 Attractions: Wuzhen Dongzha Scenic Area Address: No. 18, Ziye Road, Wuzhen, Tongxiang 💰 Tickets: East and West Gate tickets are 190 yuan, buying Dongzha 110 yuan separately. Children and students are half price 55 yuan, 80 yuan for people over 60 years old. 🕐Open time: 7:00-18:00, stop at 18:00. 🏠 play guide: Dongzha is quieter and quaint than Xizha. If you buy a joint ticket, it is recommended to come to Dongzha first in the morning. The small bridge can take many beautiful photos. There are boxing boats (fixed time performance), Jiangnan Baekede Hall, Jiangnan Folk Museum, Mao Dun's former residence, etc., it seems that there are many bright eyes, in fact, Dongzha is much smaller than Xizha, and you can go shopping for three hours. Hungry inside there are snacks and restaurants, the price is slightly more expensive than outside but acceptable. You can come out at noon and go to Xizha in the afternoon. 🌈 Try to take a photo when the weather is good.

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Three White Liquor WorkshopJiaxing,China

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Chinese Shadow Puppetry HallJiaxing,China

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Jiaxing Travel Tips

About Jiaxing

Jiaxing, one of the birthplaces of the Communist Party of China, is famous for South Lake. The landscape here is elegant and beautiful, and many renowned people have gathered here over the years. It is a famous city of history and culture that displays the patchwork of waterways typical of the region south of the Yangtze. Since ancient times, Jiaxing has produced many great personages. Shen Junru, Wang Guowei, Mao Dun, Xu Zhimo, and others are all cultural figures who enjoy great prestige in Chinese history. In Jiaxing, you can watch the world-famous Haining tides at the Qian River, enjoy the scenic area North and South Lake, or slowly stroll through the ancient silk towns to get a sense of the unique charm of the southern Chinese waterways.

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