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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
MiyaTell me the most practical points! 1. The time period when the car is not allowed to go up the mountain. If you drive by yourself, you can directly navigate the Lushan traffic ropeway down. Where is there a big parking lot, the fee is not expensive, 15 yuan for 24 hours! 2. The ticket ropeway ticket can be booked on Trip.com, and there is an automatic ticket machine on the spot. It is very convenient. If it is a account in Nanchang, Huanggang and Jiujiang areas, the ropeway is 80 yuan to go back and forth, and it is 40 yuan cheap.
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158***99We bought tickets online, 140/person, children do not exceed 1.2 meters, so did not buy. After going, we checked the ticket directly on the boat. First went to Yunju Island, each island is connected by a bridge, and there is a dock between the middle and the last, during which we can only go between the islands. So those who are physically challenged should plan well. Impressive is three islands, one goddess island, one with animals, the last one with stage performance (no specific to remember the island name, no paper tickets), the rest are all horse-drawn. Taking the child through the jungle, 40 yuan. There are basically food and drink on the island, and there are more places to rest. If you don't want to bring anything, you can buy on the island. Overall, the intensity is a little less than the mountain climbing, it is recommended that the weather be cooler or cloudy.
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KristyAn amazing display of clouds, forests, and water! I hiked here on a rainy day. It was the best experience because the weather was cooler. The cloudy mists made the place seem magical.
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Geological Sites
黯然-终极神伤🐉Longgong Cave, picturesque, strange, brilliant, colorful, bright... Into the cave, a cold air comes on your face, let you cool a summer, is the natural cave to summer; Walk into the cave, explore the wonderful landscape of the cave, and feel the magic world of nature... 🚙Longgong Cave Scenic Area, located at Wulongshan, Tianhong Town, Pengze County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, only 60 kilometers away from Jiujiang City, the traffic is very convenient. The longitude and latitude of the area are 29'42' north and 116'26' east. Dragon Palace Cave is a new cave discovered in 1978. It is named as the Dragon Palace because it resembles the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea described in the classic novel "Journey to the West". The whole scenic area surrounded by green mountains, the green water flows, birds and flowers, deer shadow often present, is a famous tourism, sightseeing, vacation, sanatorium, summer resorts of mountains, water, caves, Buddha.
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Historical Site
Historical Architecture
鱼和尚Bailudong College is located at the foot of the south foot of Lushan Mountain, facing the five old peaks, the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the quiet environment, is one of the four major colleges in ancient China (and there is a theory that the first), the Jiling people, for literature or history of people must visit. The college occupies a small area, but there are many famous scholars studying here, many allusions, you can slowly taste 1-2 hours, look for the traces of the sages.
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M39***22Climbing Park is especially suitable for children to play. This time, my children especially like this project. The temperature is cool and not hot at all. My baby said that he will bring friends to play next time. Highly recommended for summer vacation! There are many scenic projects, highly recommend parents with children to play!

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Lushan Donglin CanyonJiujiang,China

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Lushan Maweishui Ecological Tourism Scenic AreaJiujiang,China

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Lotus Cave Forest ParkJiujiang,China

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Wanghu PavilionJiujiang,China

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Fenghuangshan Taohua ParkJiujiang,China

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Mei LuJiujiang,China

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Jiujiang Travel Tips

About Jiujiang

Jiujiang is located in the northern part of Jiangxi Province and is known as the North Gate of Jiangxi. Bai Juyi wrote his poem "The Song of the Pipa Player" here. Jiujiang has rich tourism resources, including the famous Lushan Mountain, Yangtze River and Poyang Lake. Lushan is a world cultural and natural heritage site. At the foot of the mountain is the Xiufeng Scenic Area, which was mentioned in Li Bai's poems, as well as the Bailudong Academy where Zhu Xi once taught. Poyang Lake is an important fishing base in China, with a variety of rare animals inhabiting the lake.

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