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Things To Do in Kamloops

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130***97This is a long river surrounding Kamloops. Going along the highway, there are several viewpoints in the middle where you can park, each with beautiful views, but no toilets. There are still many good views on Highway 99 to Whistler, but unfortunately they are not introduced on Ctrip.
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205***86Unexpectedly, this trip to Canada was fortunate enough to see a large-scale salmon migratory once every four years. The scene was really as spectacular as it was shown on TV. Due to the large-scale migratory, there will be some publicity activities in the local area. Knowledge about salmon. , This is really good, and there is a Chinese explanation! There is a parking lot on the Adams River. Parking fees are charged. There are no tickets. There are mobile toilets that are free. There are snack stalls. Going in and walking quite far, you can see a lot of salmon by the river, the more you go in, the more fish, I really admire these small animals.
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saisyou1This photo was not taken by me. It was taken by a friend who went a month earlier than me. I think the scenery is particularly beautiful, record it! The scenery is picturesque and dreamlike! In the mountains, people are swimming in the painting! This lake is not included in this Canadian literacy tour, I hope I will have the opportunity to experience it myself in the future! 【view】
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City Park
乐天的静We live close to the park, and we often ride through the park. The scenery around the paved path is very beautiful...deer, marmots, and a lot of ducks and geese are often seen. The golf course is now closed due to high water levels earlier this year. There are many football fields and stadiums and 2 ice rinks. This is a park in Kamloops that is full of good places. It is 4 kilometers to walk or cycle around the park.
Nearby City
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Miss LexusDeparting from Jasper...450km over the mountains and ridges at 100km/h...passing Moose lake, Robson Mountain, Dutch lake...When we arrived at Kamloops, there was a sudden heavy rain...[cover face][cover face]
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xwz88A spectacular spot located in Kamloops. Went there and took a small train to watch the amazing wild scenery around the entire park. The scenery is very beautiful. Also ordered a cup of delicious hot chocolate to sit by the campfire to drink. There is also a very beautiful gift shop with a lot of products to choose from.