Western Bay of Plenty District
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Art Gallery
HomerotuKATIKATI, a mural town in New Zealand, started from the first three in 1991, and today, the number of murals gradually scattered on the streets has reached 57. Because I like the murals seen in Penang, Malaysia, I couldn’t help but stop when I passed through the town. However, unlike Penang, you can get free mural maps in many places. Index by map, the only one The information center is still closing, and an old lady inside, without saying anything, handed over a booklet, 5 dollars, only cash, is this too? When she got the idea, she asked if she could take a picture of the map. She reluctantly opened the map and asked me to take it. She kept emphasizing "only this page", and then turned to the beginning, muttering "I don't see anything", what a lovely old man Mrs. With pictures, it’s much easier. Under the big sun, I started to search slowly. One thing that this place has in common with Penang is that the murals reflect the lives and customs of the local people. The difference is that the painting style here is more traditional. As for Penang, under the leadership of a talented Lithuanian painter, the trendy visual 3D style is adopted. It is difficult to say which one is better. From the perspective of attracting tourists, Penang seems to be better. But for those who like murals, it’s still quite interesting, because every one is a story behind it. Take the first one. When the work was completed, the author Jessie was still in the third grade of Katikai High School, blue The river is the river, and the Kaimai mountain range is green. The most striking thing is the beautifully blooming Christmas tree. The three most common things in the area have been sublimated by the little girl. The second picture is related to Kauri, a unique tree species of New Zealand, because a little bit south of Katikati is the southernmost growth line of kauri. At the beginning of the last century, the locals had to use special tools to transport the felled shells with cattle. Fir, the third one is based on the photos of Main Street in 1935 and 1940. Most of the buildings on the right side of the mural still exist today. . . . . . . Mural painting is one of the best ways to interpret a place, so whenever you come to a city or town with frescoes, as long as you calm down and appreciate it, you will understand this place better and like it more.
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Katikati MuralsWestern Bay of Plenty District,New Zealand

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Tuapiro PointWestern Bay of Plenty District,New Zealand

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Katikati Bird GardensWestern Bay of Plenty District,New Zealand

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