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Things To Do in Knysna

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jyh1363Nesna Coral Lake is the estuary of the Nes River in Cape Town. It is a large lagoon formed by changes in siltation and topography. The entire lake is about five kilometers away and the water is clear. Because the lake is full of swamps with reeds and the natural environment is good, it has become a paradise for migratory birds to thrive. In the green mountains and green waters, the coral lake is like a shining pearl that is intoxicating.
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Observation Deck
fin***xyThe Garden Route is very famous. During the National Day, I walked more than 300 kilometers from Cape Town all the way to the central part of the south. During this period, I saw all kinds of landforms, vegetation, mountains and rivers, and the beauty was transformed.
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Boat Tour
爱梦媛It is a must visit place on the Garden Route in South Africa. The scenery is particularly beautiful, and the clouds and mist are like a fairyland. There are many cruise ships on the lake, you can experience the lower lake, and there are some hotels nearby, which is also a good experience!
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fin***xyWe passed by here, but were surprised by the beauty. In the morning, you can see rock rabbits and local residents are running. Very quiet, not many people were seen along the way. The Gulf Coast is close to the sea and the scenery is unbeatable.
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Ancient Settlement
珍珍吖头The Swiss town of Nesna, Africa, is driven by George Town along the Garden Route Highway. One side is the Indian Ocean sea view and the other is the idyllic landscape. It is breathtakingly beautiful. Take a boat tour on the Nesna Lagoon and taste the original wild oysters. Inlet connection
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National Park
City Park
boomboomafridiA great experience, sitsikama national park and the unique experience of adrenaline rush from boulders Bridge along the route is something not found anywhere else in world.. A must travel and must to be experienced attraction