Kota Kinabalu
Bahagian Pantai Barat
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Things To Do in Kota Kinabalu

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Capt.Dell_A380The Kota Kinabalu City Mosque (Malay: Masjid Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu) is the second main mosque in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, after State Mosque in Sembulan. The previous head imam is Ustaz Suhaidi Kuanting and currently is vacant.
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小思文The mermaid island is a very beautiful place, the island has a lot of natural scenery, the natural scenery around the island is very good, you can see the classic mangrove, the beach, there is also a far-flung yacht can choose to rent and play.
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Capt.Dell_A380Kota Kinabalu is the capital of Malaysia’s Sabah state in the northern part of the island of Borneo. Often referred to as KK, it’s a coastal city partly surrounded by rainforest.It's known for its bustling markets, modern boardwalk, beaches and waterfront Kota Kinabalu City Mosque. It is also a gateway to Kinabalu National Park, the home of 4,095m-high Mount Kinabalu.
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beautifulmemoriesxxThe sunset view was super super marvelous. It was my first experience, and the beach was clean. And enough space to have a pretty angle to enjoy the sunset.
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Ismi HakemI like this island n other island in Sabah.. Sabah has many vergin island to visit..
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小思文The mangroves are also a unique street of this rainforest, the forest cover of the mangroves is very high, there are many lush natural resources, the mangroves are green in the summer, the animals are also quite numerous, the view is beautiful