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Things To Do in Kuranda

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真诚7577Kuranda's tropical rainforest is also not to be missed, taking the viewing train and the longest crane in the world to walk into the vast rainforest, to enjoy the magnificent scenery and water color and close to the natural ecology, still alive in many other continents have been extinct rare animals and plants.
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pxy0705Kuranda Rainforest Town is the starting point for visiting the Kuranda Rainforest by taking the rainforest train. Built on the edge of the rainforest, the whole town is very quiet, hidden in the rainforest, the scenery is very elegant, and the air is particularly fresh. It is definitely the best stop for visiting Kuranda and it is worth visiting.
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小蘑菇阿咪The entire train journey takes 1 hour and 45 minutes. There are only two departures from Kuranda (2pm and 3:30pm). The train will cross the Barron Gorge and meander for 37 kilometers. There are 16 stations along the way. Along the way, the train broadcast will introduce you to the background information of each station. , At Barron Falls Station, the train will stop for 10 minutes, and you can get off at the observation deck to enjoy the view of Barron Falls with an altitude of 329 meters and a drop of 265 meters. On the way back, there is a station called Freshwater Station. There are many tourists who get off the bus. If you live in downtown Cairns, don't follow the bus. It is quite far away from the city. You have to get off at the terminal Cairns Station Cairns Station.
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pxy0705Byron Falls in the Kuranda rainforest is definitely the most spectacular scenery in this forest. The waterfall descends step by step from the peak, arousing layers of spray. When the rain is plentiful, the water volume is particularly large and spectacular, but in the dry season there is also a waterfall like a white ribbon hanging in the mountains, which is exceptionally beautiful.
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Cable Car
E28***59great experience . the skyrail will take you 30 mins for one way trip.Never dispointment .
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pxy0705The Happiness Butterfly Valley in Kuranda is home to many butterflies from different parts of the world, many of which are very precious species. The Butterfly Valley is also very rich in plants. All kinds of colorful butterflies fly around among the trees. It really feels like a world of flower fairy and it is worth visiting.