Lower Franconia
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Things To Do in Lower Franconia

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Historical Site
猫猫在旅行I have seen so many palaces in Europe, but the Würzburg Palace can still give me a new touch. It is the palace of the archbishop. Because the archbishop is also the local grand duke and has great financial resources, the palace is also extremely luxurious. Enter the palace, step on the broad main steps, your eyes will be attracted by the huge frescoes on the sky. This fresco is still the largest fresco in the world. In addition, there are three stunningly beautiful rooms in the palace, the White Hall, the Imperial Hall and the Mirror Hall. The Whitehall is the most beautiful. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, it’s hard to imagine. The curtain on the ceiling looks like a real fabric, but it’s actually painted on top of plaster. The Hall of Mirrors is the ultimate luxury. In order to be able to appreciate your beautiful figure at any time, the whole room is studded with mirrors. It feels that the owner at that time was a bit narcissistic. It is not allowed to take pictures in this place. I didn't pay attention to taking a few pictures at the beginning, but soon someone came to stop it.
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13901694958The Old Main Bridge was built in the 18th century, and there are statues of the great men who created Würzburg on the railings on both sides. Looking up from the bridge, the scenery is pleasant and the famous scenic spots are unobstructed.
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13611302253There are many churches in Wellsburg. The main church of St. Kilian is located in the central area of the ancient city, facing the Old Bridge of the Main River. The Romanesque church is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in Würzburg. It was built in 1040, and over the long years, various marks of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque have been added.
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13611302253Marienberg Fortress is one of the oldest noble mansions in Germany. It is located on the hills of the Main River in the ancient city of Welsburg. It combines defensiveness and elegance. It is a model of medieval castles. The castle stands tall, magnificent and magnificent. It has undergone vicissitudes and changes and is full of unique charm. Standing on the edge of the city wall, you can have a panoramic view of all the surrounding scenery.
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春珺Next to the Dom St. Kilian of St. Kilian’s Cathedral is the Neumünster Church, a Romanesque building that began in the 11th century, and has been built with magnificent domes and meticulously carved facades.
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_ce***36A castle in the old city of Aschaffenburg, I heard that it is not for defense, but for residence. On a large piece of high ground by the river. Under the sunset, it was beautiful. Now there are no residents, only museums and restaurants