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E23***71Lovely picturesque area in Lucerne. It is especially pretty at dusk when the sun sets as the light surrounding the area makes even magical. The bridge itself is pretty and walking through the bridge you get to Lucerne from the lake itself. It's a more lovely way to cross than to take the adjacent concrete bridge. A must visit (and you will not miss it even if you wanted to!) if you're in the area!
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01234567890liLion monument is designed by the Danish sculptor, bateer David tovar, sen, and in the natural rock carving out of a great lion like dying, to commemorate on August 10, 1792, to protect the family of the French king Louis xvi of safe and sacrifice 786 loyal Swiss mercenaries. Image dying lion lion monument is engraved on a shallow holes, a dying lion with an expression of sorrow and pain, feebly prostrate on the floor, a long sharp arrow struck deeply into his back, his front PAWS and hold the broken spear and shield, the shield respectively symbolize the Swiss cross badge on vetiver iris markers and the French royal family.
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01234567890liEdge in lucerne cantrell short circulating looked up to see the legend of the dragon pilatus, elevation 2132 meters, high and steep. In lucerne and even skin latour street and skin latour, radio, visible to the love of the mountain. Experience the golden travel pilatus boasts the world''s steepest climbing rack railway and projects such as "golden travel" to become a world-class attractions. Visit the best route from lucerne, sit the ship parade in the lake lucerne, revel in the breeze in the cross-strait scenery, midway can choose in Hergiswill get out to visit the glass factory.
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Snow Mountain
LGKMYMount Titlis Switzerland is among the few unmissable experiences, undoubtedly among the most loved mountains in Switzerland. Titlis is free – it's included in Swiss Pass cost.
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01234567890liJiShan is at the forefront of the Alps, known as the "queen", from the top of the hill overlooking the panoramic view across the Alps and extended to the plains of the black forest of Germany and France. As early as the 19th century cultural celebrities such as Victor Hugo had visited here, in 1864 the British queen Victoria also performance in JiShan. Funicular railway and lift visitors can choose to take the funicular railway train or climbing a mountain cable car.
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01234567890liSwiss transport museum is one of the most representative traffic museum in Europe, is one of the biggest museum of lucerne, through exhibitions, theme park, demonstration simulation, interactive radio and films and other forms of transportation and communication development. The museum is located in the lake lucerne, a beautiful environment, both indoor and outdoor display, just like a big park. Museum of land, sea, air and accessible introduction to mechanical knowledge and history, exhibits include steam locomotives, mountaineering, classic cars, train wagons, plane, ship, etc. Visitors can also experience on sitting in the driver''s position, or to the engine room watching the movement of the machine. In addition, there are also can see the universe, or the sea scene planetarium, chocolate adventure exhibition and IMAX high-definition movie theaters and other facilities, need to buy tickets to visit alone.

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Lucerne Travel Tips

About Lucerne

Lucerne means “City of Lights” and, according to legend, was established by an angel’s request. On the shores of Lake Lucerne with heartbreaking views of the Alps, Lucerne has been attracting tourists for centuries, prompting Mark Twain to observe that “the shops are packed with Alpine crystals. Photographs of scenery, and wooden and ivory carvings...Millions of them.” Stroll across the historic wooden Chapel Bridge, one of Lucerne’s landmarks, and if possible visit during the city’s carnival season, which features extravagant parades in which you march “where you like.”

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Lucerne Weather

26 Oct, 2021
Mostly Cloudy
3 ~ 14
27 Oct, 2021
Partly Clear
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28 Oct, 2021
Intermittent Clouds
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Lucerne
26 Oct, 2021 Lucerne Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 100%, Sunrise/Sunset: 08:00/18:21
Lucerne Driving: Suitable, Running: Good

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