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Things To Do in Myvatn

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Sally墨雪In Lake Myvatn, there are two more famous waterfalls, one is called the waterfall of the gods and the other is called the Dettifoss waterfall. These two waterfalls are the more obvious scenery in Lake Myvatn. And we can also see the Askia volcano in Lake Myvatn. Dettifoss (Dettifoss) is also the location of the American science fiction film "Prometheus" (Prometheus), the sound of water is thunderous.
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JingbsuomiThis waterfall is so beautiful, it is not far from Iceland's No. 1 ring road, and it can only be reached by traveling around the island. The historical story here is also good, and it is a milestone in Iceland's religious conversion.
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卐_ヒビバパ_卍The natural charm is superb, the area is hot because of the geographical environment, from the underground steam, in such a special place. This feeling is great.
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Sally墨雪Krafla Volcano is a crater formed by a super giant volcano. It was formed by the collapse of the top of the volcanic cone without the support of underground lava. The area visited is actually the inside of the caldera, which makes people feel more like flat ground. Along the way, you will pass a sulphurous landform and the smell of rotten eggs in the air.
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JingbsuomiThis is one of the scenic spots of Lake Myvatn in Iceland. There are strange rocks formed by the cooling of volcanic lava, like black castles and mazes. Legend has it that this is the place where the Santa Clauses usually live in Iceland.
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JingbsuomiThis is a large volcanic area in northern Iceland, where you can see many volcanic elements. But because it is too big and there is too much content to watch, it is best to do your homework before the tour, otherwise it feels useless.