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Things To Do in Nassau

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乐天的静We went to the water park, this is said to be the best water park can be 161 US dollars per person... We paid the money, then entered the water park, got a locker, we waited for 4 hours and the park closed and took the storm ride Until we decided to leave, because we only got there when we took the rides. After talking to a woman at the ticket office, she returned to the manager. A few minutes later, they thought I was right and refunded me 1/2 of the ticket price... This funny experience is neutral, Because we didn't ride anything, but they did the right not good, but not bad either.
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观海听涛zhhtThe old pirate lair is now a holiday paradise! The Pirates of Nassau Museum tells the story of the real Pirates of the Caribbean. It not only displays the weapons and ships used by the Pirates of the Caribbean when they conquered the Bahamas, but also gives you an immersive experience of being a pirate. Daily life experience. Very commemorative!
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Historical Architecture
观海听涛zhhtFincastle Fort is located at the highest point in the city of Nassau. It was a castle built by Governor Dunmore in 1793. It was in the shape of a ship and had three cannons. Step up the stairs to the castle, and you can enjoy the panoramic view. The magnificent pink buildings of Atlantis on the opposite side of the paradise island and the several large cruise ships anchored in the bay have a panoramic view. The scenery is pleasant!
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lydia_hongNassau, the capital of the Bahamas, is another holiday destination, palm beaches, high-end hotels, charming streets, fragrant rum wine, bright colors, and enthusiastic people. The main streets and alleys are pretty good, the government, hospitals, schools, churches, Governor’s Palace, museums, Queen’s Steps (Commonwealth countries, once a British colony), clean and bright, quite tropical style, although you can see ordinary on the back People's lives are not rich yet. There are a lot of fun to stay and discover slowly~
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乖小咪This is a South American zoo, where many animals unique to South America live. At the same time, there is also a strong marine culture here. The stars here are dolphins and flamingos. There is a sky and a sea, which are very characteristic of Central and South America. They are very popular with tourists and children.
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National Park
小鱼儿2015The latter is a huge area of the National Terrestrial Reserve Park. The area and environment here are still good, and the building area is also very large. National parks can also see a lot of natural resources. [Scenery] The surrounding scenery is very good [Fun] Go and ride very high