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Things To Do in Pamukkale

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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
北极星The movie rate is very high ❗️ Turkey's "Net Red Greek Town" Arachat town is called Turkey's "Greek Town", because there are many beautiful white houses and blue houses, there are many plants and plants, relatively fresh literature and art. Like many other towns, there are lots of shops and restaurants selling things. But I personally don't think it's a good idea to come to Alachat without a special trip, if you're on your way. There are a lot of foreign tourists here, because the town is not very big, so the crowd is dense. There are also Turkish ice cream shops, as well as some dessert shops, and many jewelry and souvenir shops to visit these shops to kill time. We spent 2 hours here and took lots of pictures because it was very filmy.
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Hot Springs Resort
Ornamental Hot spring
M30***11The white limestone and the Turkish blue water are really a rare beauty. However, these thermal pools are actually not hot, and it is very cool to step in. However, it is really painful to step on the limestone with bare feet! You must know how to choose shallow textures and It is more comfortable to walk in densely. A real natural hot spring.
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Historical Site
M30***69The interior is still very large, or the same sentence: if you have plenty of time or are studying history and art, you can stay for a while. There is also a ruins museum inside. If you know less about this area, you can actually arrange 2 hours. After visiting the main attractions. Historical monuments, my favorite.
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M34***68Next to the ancient city of Hirapolis, this museum, located in a primitive Roman bath, is divided into 3 separate sections, one exhibits an intriguing sarcophagus, part of the small artifacts found in Hirapolis and nearby Afridisias, The third exhibit is the carved wall and Roman statues, including the love of the goddess Attis of Cybri and the priestess of the Egyptian goddess Isis.
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BetTerDAYPamukkale is like a carpet of heaven, really like heaven sprinkles cotton to the world, this geographical scenery should be unparalleled, the snow mountain although its shape, but after all different, really is the wonder of the world
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多姐小桃DorisIn a small village near Pamukkale, if you don’t eat well along the way, you can come to the Silk Road restaurant here to get a skewers and get fried noodles. The picture is a picture of a pirate group member. It looks like a net celebrity, and then buy one Apple juice, pomegranate juice, or something, go back to make souvenirs. The ATMs here don’t take cash. Girls don’t go out alone at night. Go back to the hotel early. After all, it’s the countryside.