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M32***23This museum is definitely more interactive than most other children's science museums we have visited. The indoor and outdoor activities are well balanced. There are 3 climbing structures, an ant tunnel through which children can climb, and there are also arts and crafts tables. There are two bicycle tracks here, where children can learn motion control and hand-eye coordination, as well as understand signals and signs. Taking a walk in the back mountain, you will not only learn the science of sound, but also many arts. In the front, you can learn by doing many scientific experiments. This is very interesting, we will definitely come again next time we go to Los Angeles.
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Modern Architecture
coo***anI don't know if I will choose this conference center to hold large meetings. The functions here are quite complete. It would be nice if it was bigger here. The toilets here always queue for a long time.
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M32***23We went to see a special exhibition by the artist Oscar Oiwa called "Dream of a Sleeping World". This is a very unusual installation. The black and white artwork is in the plastic bubble you walk in- It is unique to say the least. My wife and I have been there several times, but in the past ten years, we have moved to central California. We did browse the permanent exhibitions, which are small but well done. We don't know that it was purchased by USC about 8 years ago.
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coo***anIt’s nice as a community garden to sit down and enjoy a peaceful afternoon in the shade; however, it is not a destination in itself. It is very small and overgrown. I like that it is overgrown because it gives more cover for animals. The birds were singing and some flowers were blooming. Overall, nice if you are in the area; but, not a place to go out of your way to get to.
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137***66PMCA is a first-class museum, and its influence is beyond its grasp. Love the directors, curators, especially its founders and trustees. Exhibitions by California family artists such as Corita Kent and Sam Francis have set and established the standard of excellence for small museums. Pasadena will be based on the Norton Simon Museum, and the Pacific Asia Museum adjacent to PMCA will continue. But we have all reduced.
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Botanical Garden
本杰明(3)    Huntington Library can set off a huge wave in my mind, that is, it can completely overturn the inherent pattern of the library in the impression. In view of the large area, the beauty of the gardens, the beauty of the architecture, the essence of repairs, and the abundance of treasures, and it has been donated to the government, if it is named San Marino, Los Angeles County (County) Park... or bid for a certain fair, Not without proof.   However, Los Angeles is Los Angeles, a metropolis that advocates individual values and freedom, a place that not only encourages independence and speciality, but also has the spirit of pioneering, integration, tolerance, and collaboration. After so many years, the library named after its founder Henry Huntington (1850—1927) (full name "Henry Edward Huntington Library, Art Gallery and Botanical Garden", referred to as "Huntington Library"), indeed Affordable to the wind and rain and the aesthetic scrutiny of groups and many individuals.   The game of groups can be individuals or individuals.   can expand the concept of the individual into a unique unit that corresponds to and forms a group.   In my mind, I have experienced ebb and flow again and again; feathers, shells, five stars... mostly gravel.  Before the new wave came and changed, our mode of thinking was sticking to the rules, just like the traces left by the previous wave on the beach, fragmented, gradually withered but stubborn.   In fact, the unchanging is temporary, but the changes in the unchanging are eternal.   The most unwilling to change, are often the most vulnerable to change.   In 1912, the Japanese garden of the library was completed, including the moon bridge, koi pond, Japanese house, and bonsai collection.   On February 23, 2008, the "Liufang Garden" of the library was officially opened, which is the largest Chinese garden in North America. This is the story that continues.   However, the 6 million rare books and manuscripts in the library are mainly English and American literature and historical works.   The foundation of the art museum in the library is the European art collection.  The library displays many outdoor sculptures.   This is history, the history of the founding, builders, ancestors and descendants of modern North America.   Sculptures, outdoor sculptures, and others outside are art that has truly experienced time and wind and rain.  The three-dimensionality of the Huntington Library is from the perspective of wind or spring.   Then, carve romance behind the monument  The water soaks the road surface softly  Love walks over, not tired  Just a trace, winding

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