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Things To Do in Podgorica

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88topThe very beautiful church building is set against the blue sky and white clouds. Although the history of the building is not long, it is very exquisite. You can enjoy it from different angles when you walk around the church. The internal frescoes are modern but not lacking in beauty. It is free to visit.
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zha***ng2019.08. Podgorica-Millennium Bridge, street view: Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, this is definitely the capital I have seen. There are not many tall buildings in the city, and there are many dirt roads out of the city. There is nothing to look at. It’s fun, it’s not easy to take photos, and it’s hard for photographers to take beautiful scenery!
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Observation Deck
翱翔的大鲨鱼This clock tower is a landmark in Podgorica. Seeing here has reached the old town of Podgorica. A small fortress hidden among the green hills and green trees. This clock tower is the core of this small town.
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snowgoose1The bridge of the old city, this area is the garden in the heart of the old city of the park. The greenery is very good. It is a place for citizens to read books and chat and have meals. When walking inside, there is also an open-air stage in the ruins. .
Nearby City
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Ancient Settlement
轻轻的一个蚊World Heritage Kotor (Kotor). One of the best things about Kotor is to get lost in the maze of streets in the old town and find your way out. The town is not big, there are many churches, mainly Orthodox. There are many cafes on the roadside, you can take a break, and then continue to lose...
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HFHR2013In fact, this is just a statue on the side of the road, you can take a look when you pass by without any special features