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年乐MichaelNepal is one of the few landlocked countries in Southeast Asia. This country is not close to the sea, but the inland environment has also developed another unique culture here. Tourists usually go to see the unique scenery here and climb Mount Everest. But don’t forget that there is another exciting project in Pokhara, Nepal, that is paragliding. Pokhara Paraglider is one of the world’s three largest paraglider locations. There are various conditions suitable for flying, stable updrafts, suitable take-off and landing areas, etc. It can be said that it is suitable for flying all year round, and the important thing is here Experience, you can see the snow-capped mountains. It has been 25 years since Nepal paragliding started in 1995. It has been promoted to the world’s top three paraglider bases not only by excellent technology, but also by a very low accident rate. Moreover, the Nepal government’s gliding in Pokhara There are strict regulations on parachute flying. The cost shall not be less than 12,000 rupees, which is about 780 yuan. However, due to competition reasons, the price will basically be lower than this when you experience it. The paragliding experience in Nepal can be booked on the Ctrip app, and the price is between 580-750. After booking, the general clubs include hotel pick-up and drop-off. Most clubs set the range in the lakeside area. If this range is exceeded, you will generally have to add money. Visitors first go to the club to sign some agreements and purchase insurance, then the coach will introduce themselves, and then after the formalities are completed, they can take the bus to the take-off area.
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Observation Deck
AnsonThis pure white tower can be seen from the edge of Fewa Lake, standing among the greenery of Queen's Forest. The pagoda is pure and white, with a Buddha statue on each side. It was built by the four countries that built the pagoda: the sitting Buddha in Japan, the standing Buddha in Nepal, the enlightened Buddha of Sri Lanka and the reclining Buddha Nirvana in Thailand. On the hill where the World Peace Pagoda is located, you can clearly see the entire Pokhara scenery. There are no traffic lights on the road, and no road name. In addition to watching the sun and landmarks, you also need an RP. After riding a donkey and climbing up the hills with difficulty, the beauty in front of me reminded me of Li Zongsheng’s song... "Across the hills, although I have turned my head and chattered endlessly, I feel sad... ."
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Observation Deck
Sean0521After the heavy rain, sitting on a bed at an altitude of 2,000 meters, listening to birds and insects, the air is filled with the smell of cow dung and green grass. Looking at the two highest peaks in the world, the Merwei Peak and Annapurna Peak, the whole world is quiet [ smile]
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关裕年guanyunianLocated at the foot of the Himalayas, the water resources are unparalleledly rich, and the group of friends participated in this extremely challenging sport with great interest. All these are not to miss the opportunity young people, but also we old people to see lively good opportunity, this is "old man chatting to teenage madness".
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_We***51this place english name is davids fall because many many years ago a person name david he was tourist he came here to see this place at that time water flow was so high when he go near to water fall he fall from there and he died after that people started saying davids fall and name became famouse but actualy its real name is pataley chago which means water goes to sky like traditional word in hindu..high water flow come phewa lake and gone direct like a somethings drink all water and make a river dry wind ,fresh air ,peace,and lovely traditionaly dresses photo studio with a wishing pool and garden of HImalayan range and flowers..beautiful place to visit.
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Snow Mountain
风随心动1976The Boone Mountain Loop is a great entry-level hike. The difficulty and intensity are not too great. The hike takes 3 days, plus the round trip from Pokhara is a total of 4 days and 3 nights. Since there are only four days and three nights, you don’t need to bring too much luggage. Bring the necessary items. Other luggage can be stored in the hotel. It is not recommended to follow the group, you can go by yourself. You can find a travel agency on a certain treasure to get the two documents needed for hiking, and they will be delivered to your hotel in Pokhara. You can take a taxi from Pokhara to and from Nanyapu. Remember to bargain. Of course, you can also take a local bus, which is much cheaper. When you arrive at Nanyapu, you can hire a porter, who will help you carry your luggage (you can't bring suitcases, use a backpack), you can carry a small package of valuables, food and water by yourself. The cost of my porter a few years ago It is 100 RMB a day (equivalent to 1700 Nepalese rupees), and a tip is given separately, usually 5 US dollars or equivalent rupees. In addition to backpacks, they also act as guides to take you to the inn. The porter can speak simple English and communicate no problem. . The inns in the mountains generally have two beds in one room. Except for some inns, most of the inns do not have a bathroom. The bathroom and bath are shared. Don’t care about the porter’s accommodation and meals. He takes you to the inn and the inn is responsible for it. The room rate does not include any meals, so eating, buying hot drinks, surfing the Internet, charging (there are basically no sockets in the room, only electric lights), bathing are all paid separately, don’t worry, any inn will not kill Customers, the prices are within the acceptable range. If the porter takes you to the inn and you feel unsatisfied, let him find another one for you. There are many inns in small villages. The intensity of hiking every day is not too great, and the roads are easy to walk. Stone steps and dirt roads are the main ones. There are no dangerous and steep roads throughout the journey. Of course, since it is hiking on foot, it is inevitable to climb the mountains every day. On this itinerary, you can see the Annapurna Mountains, local villages in Nepal, terraces, rivers, streams, waterfalls, and passing through virgin forests. The landscape is extremely diverse. One day, you have to get up and climb the mountain before dawn, go to the viewing platform to watch the sunrise of the Annapurna Mountains, and you can also watch the fishtail peak and the snowy mountains to drink coffee and eat, which is great! The best seasons are October (after National Day) and November. There is no rain in the dry season, road conditions are good, visibility is high, and there are not many hikers.

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