Punta Arenas
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闲来有趣The life and death game between seals and penguins. Penguins dominate on land, and seals become semi-paralytic when they come ashore, so they will not leave the shore too far. But in the water, it is extremely quick and unusual, and often ambushes the unlucky penguins in the pile of ice. Adult penguins who go out to hunt for food gather on the shore to find a safe place to launch and wait for the right time to launch. In the process of competing for patience and courage, the penguins were burdened by the pressure of their family's survival, and couldn't help but get restless, and rushed to the beach together. The front one was squeezed into the sea, and they immediately swam into the deep sea. If you are lucky not to be hunted by seals, you can bring back food to your family. Figure 3 An unfortunate penguin failed to escape, was bitten by the neck by a seal, and slammed to the side. Large groups of cormorants gathered, ready to enjoy the leftovers. A penguin was chased and hid on the ice floe, and the seal wandered around the ice floe, waiting for the penguin to enter the water. Figure 9 is the wreckage of a penguin leftover by a seal on the shore.
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Observation Deck
137***66The scenery is picturesque, deeply moved, the food is current, not happy Mirador Cerro de la Cruz (Mountain of Cross Observation Deck) is located high up in Punta Arenas, with picturesque scenery and sweeping views of the city, which is deeply moving. Sitting in a restaurant on the mountain, enjoying lunch, and admiring this coastal city, is even more unpleasant.
Nearby City
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乖小咪The Strait of Magellan in Punta Arenas is the most famous shipping route in the world. It connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and at the same time can overlook Antarctica. It is the most important waterway from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, etc. to Africa and Europe, and is of great significance to world shipping. Of course, the scenery here is also very fascinating. It not only has beautiful natural scenery, but also has a strong human history. It is very worth visiting.
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City Park
137***66Each entrance of the park has a parking lot, where there are lagoons, bridges, courts, games and sculptures, which look like dinosaurs in the distance. Being with people near you at any time of the day (within a few hours) is a good example.
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M32***23This is a great small museum that displays the house itself on the one hand, and the history of the original inhabitants and town on the other, the creation and production of Noruega, Braun and Menendez, and the Sheep Empire. The house was built by this clan, which combined the three richest families in the area through intermarriage. The house was built with European materials, so a huge sum of money must be paid for it. The house is not that big. It is in a good state of restoration, with a beautiful stained glass ceiling and some luxuriously decorated rooms. Part of the cellar or servant area is also open. The other part gives a good overview of the establishment of Punta Arenas, a colony of prisoners. It also provides a good overview on the touch screen of the 5 tribes who originally lived in the area and nearby Tuera de Fuego. On display are some artifacts left by these tribes, which were on the Chilean side (and almost completely wiped out on the Argentine side). There is currently a beautiful garden and they are renovating part of the exterior of the mansion.
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M32***23This is an incredible place, I didn’t expect much from this hike, because it’s not well known, but it has incredible scenery, as good as if you follow our guide , For those travelers who really know a little-known history they are going to Patagonia

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