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Things To Do in Sabie

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coo***an[View] Perry's Bridge Reptile Park and this Sabie Waterfalls are located on a road, very convenient, walking along the path can see the waterfall, very spectacular! Recommended
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Botanical Garden
MonkeyoThe baobab trees in the botanical garden have various shapes, medical functions and inconvenient transportation. It is recommended to drive or rent a car to go there. The South African Lowland National Botanical Garden has played an important role in protecting rare and endangered plants. The fig trees in the Botanical Garden are second to none in terms of number and variety. The Baobabs in the Botanical Garden have variable shapes and have medical functions.
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coo***an[Scenic]Perry's Bridge Reptile ParkLocated near the St. Lucia Wetland Park, unlike the domestic zoo, it is more primitive, no captive, all wildlife, keep distance, care for the environment
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健康美丽的芳芳The Blyde River Canyon is indeed one of the natural wonders of Africa. Our group climbed up and overlooked the canyon and the Three Sisters Peaks, surrounded by clouds and mist, and the magnificent scenery was in sight. There are so many amazing views like this.
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小鱼儿2015The shoe house is quite large. There are many family layouts in the whole house. It feels very warm here. The huge shoes are also very image. The space inside is very reasonable and there are window grilles.
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Nature Reserve
juki235The Thorny Bush Game Reserve in Kruger National Park is a large animal sanctuary. There are many wild large herbivores living here, such as giraffes, antelopes, elephants, etc. You can take a tour bus and watch them in certain areas. You can also have some intimate contact with them. It is very worth coming. Safari.