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Things To Do in Seogwipo

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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
D29***65This spot is one of the UNESCO Heritage places, however to enjoy its beauty you’d need to visit it on a sunny day. Unlikely, it was raining heavily and was foggy when I was there. Despite that, I enjoyed the trip and the place itself, besides it was fo free if you walk around. (you’d only pay for the entrance if you want to go up to the extinct volcano crater). Landscape was amazing and loked kind of alien. Eventually, I found this spot beautiful in any weather conditions.
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_We***58vary nice island which has a lot of places for kids activites
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D34***69If you love Hello Kitty, you will have a lovely time here. There are plenty of wonderful picture opportunities/areas. The cafe is a little overpriced but it was expected from a place like this. I still got a coffee and a cheesecake that were ok tasting but very cute. This place is unfortunately kinda far from anything else so unless you’re driving, you’ll have to dedicate a day to making the bus trip out here (the bus station is very near though). There are taxis available but I’m not sure how expensive they are. I had a great time, however if you’re not a big Hello Kitty fan or you are not going with children who could enjoy the play areas then you might want to leave this out of your Jeju itinerary.
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vivienvivienThe Shiji Kezhi, also called Shiji Tong, is located at the eastern coast of Jeju Island. "Sheji" is the name of the ancient times in this area, "Kezhi" is the dialect of Jeju Island, meaning the out-of-out topography. On the cliffs of the coast where Wadi Kezhi stands is a wide meadow, and there is no tree here, and a rock called fairy stone stands on the shore. Inside the stone walls is the rape field, every April, you will see the most dazzling yellow. Lighthouse with iron steps, very easy to climb. Help rails and stand, the land can be a coast scenery to see. The vast flat slopes have stone-structured piers, which have remained the original appearance.
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队长 大使馆That was remarkable visited place for our group, lot of funny things you can do with you friends and family, nice place for kinds also. That place was well organized.
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vivienvivienBelieve it or not, one of the world's largest museums, set up with the collection of the explorer Robert Ripley at the entrance to the Chinese-language tourist area of Siguipo. There are 12 art galleries and outdoor parks worldwide. In the United States, Britain, Canada, Mexico and Thailand, there are 31 facilities chained, and the Jeju Island Museum is the 32 facility in 11 countries. The museum shows Robert Ripley's collection of more than 700 wonderful objects from 198 countries during his 35 years.