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事事随缘Lake Sevan is the largest plateau freshwater lake in the world. Its jewel-like blue water has the reputation of "the mirror of the Caucasus". In winter, the lake is shimmering, the leaves are golden, and the lake is blue, spreading like a huge sapphire in front of you. On the nearby mountain, the golden weeds swaying in the wind, the scenery is beautiful. For thousands of years, time has passed, the beautiful resorts by the lake have changed from crop to crop, but the Sevan Monastery on the top of the mountain has always stood up. Boarding a boat to visit Saipan Lake is more pleasing to the eye, but in winter, it is really cold and windy, and Lake Sevan is even more beautiful and "frozen". By the lake is the residence of the President of Georgia. It is set against the monastery on the top of the mountain. For thousands of years, each is safe and enjoys each other. You know, no matter how beautiful the scenery is, there will be no feeling if you shoulder one's shoulders. The best advantage of the Transcaucasian countries is that there are few tourists, and the visit process is very comfortable, which makes people feel a little.
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Churches and Cathedrals
事事随缘The Monastery of Sefan, also known as the "Black Monastery", is located on the top of the mountain next to Lake Sevan. It was built in the ninth century. For 11 centuries of wind, frost, snow and rain, I do not know how many caravans on the Silk Road passed by. At present, the monastery has long been empty, only the cross in the courtyard records the past glory. Early morning and evening are the most beautiful times in Lake Sevan. The monastery is solemn and quiet, with weather-beaten tough lines outlined under the sky. It is simple and elegant. It stands quietly on the shore of Lake Sevan, telling the believers that they have been committed for thousands of years. Faith. The brick wall has gone through wind and frost, but the wind hasn't diminished. Instead, it has a sense of heaviness that has been nurtured by history. Although the monastery looks a bit dilapidated in the sun, it seems that only this way can better reflect its charm. You should know that when many people first started to understand Armenia, they were impressed by the monastery of Sevan on this postcard.
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Churches and Cathedrals
Cherry??2009^_^Armenia 🇦🇲·Sevan Lake Monastery-Lake Sevan is the largest lake in the Transcaucasus. The blue water of the lake is embedded in the mountains like gems. The two quaint monasteries located on the mountainside are quietly guarding the lake, watching the years flow and the changes in the world!
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Churches and Cathedrals
当地向导行erThe monastery on a snowy day is really beautiful, we like it very much
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Hayravank MonasterySevan,Armenia

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