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26,989 Reviews
TrisMWe had an awesome time at this place. We visited 5 venues in total, this cost around 255¥. The animals and staff were fun to watch, we stayed for about 6 hours.
20,113 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
E31***42Last winter vacation, I and my parents had a wonderful time on Mountain Tai, the most famous of the five great mountains.It is located in Tai'an where my grandpa and grandma live. On the foot of Mountain Tai, there is a deep pool called Black Dragon Pool. Its water was dark green. It looked like a mysterious prince. There is a legend that the water of Black Dragon Pool can flow into the Baotu Spring in Jinan. If you throw a coin into this pool, you can find it in Baotu Spring. We played therefor a long time with happiness.Then, we took a bus to the beginning of the hike. To climb on the top of the mountain, it was a long way ahead of us. Thoughmuch energy was burned, we don't feel tired. The beautiful scene on the top of the mountain gave us motivation. Finally, we got the top of the mountain. The road behind us seemed to be almost flat. Wow, a fantastic painting appeared to us. There was sea of clouds. The fog covered the mountain, and there was a faint view of the rolling hills and the looming cable car.What an amazing scene it was!
14,083 Reviews
M60***14it's a most visit place. the journey to the island is very beautiful. the island is very beautiful with places worth seeing. it is highly suggested to visit this place
13,194 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
夏吹夏夜风Make a good strategy before travel, the hotel scenic spot ticket is booked directly online in advance, it is more convenient, the ancient city ticket can be free to travel within 3 days, individuals suggest that you enter the park after 6 pm, just in time for the night view. On the first day, I arrived at Zaozhuang High-speed Railway Station by high-speed rail. After getting off, there was a direct car B10 (the car is more difficult to wait, one shift for half an hour), I arrived directly at Taierzhuang, and then took a tricycle for 5 yuan to get to the gate of the scenic spot. I just caught the night view and swayed the boat. I felt the Jiangbei Water City. The next day, you can walk freely during the day, feel the comfortable life, the small bridge flowing water people, is busy people yearn for, there are performances during the day, you can slow down and walk around. Personal experience: 1. Stay in the ancient city for one night, have fun for one night, the bar see the old time bar, the individual prefers. 2. Going around during the day, I personally feel that the prices of things inside are not too expensive (except accommodation), but the food is not good. It is beautiful and worth going again.
12,929 Reviews
NarkieI visited the jiushui waterfall area.Was a very good experience. After getting the tickets we took a bus to the mountains and started from there. An ideal place for exercise and sightseeing. Spent 90yuan Lots of places to take great photos and play in the water.
13,658 Reviews
Lawrenceso picture perfect of many pools, so much crystal clear you can see the depth. the garden were well maintained, clean and full of scrubs and trees especially the willows.. one of my favorite spot in Jinan. definitely recommended for friends!

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