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Things To Do in Stroumbi

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Historical Site
热爱生活0618The main extant remains are the relics of the ancient Roman Empire in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. In the four villas of wealthy families at that time, the mosaics on the floor are particularly exquisite. They were only discovered by a farmer in Paphos while plowing the land in 1961, and they have not been dug up yet, and UNESCO is deeply impressed.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
juki235This royal tomb has a history of more than 2,400 years. It is the underground tomb of the ancient nobles in Paphos and a historical site full of mystery. In fact, the real Paphos mausoleum is not here, just the tomb of the nobles at that time, but its scale is comparable to the mausoleum, hence the name, and the real mausoleum may have disappeared or has not been found.
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juki235The Monastery of St. Neophytos is a large monastery in Paphos. It is surrounded by the ruins of the monastery park. The theme buildings of the monastery are still well preserved. You can also enter and visit. The history here is very long and it is worth your visit. Take a tour.
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army wenwenThe clear and transparent waters are where the natural charm of Paphos lies. It is a seaside city in the western part of Cyprus, a Mediterranean island country. It is known as the "Birthplace of the God of Eros". The clear blue water surrounds the island. It is one of the tourist attractions in the Mediterranean.
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M40***72In Paphos, as long as you see the Harbour direction on the bus, no matter which bus, you can get on the bus to the terminal. Archaeological parks and cruise ships there are must-see places for tourists. If you look at this free attraction, can you still be dissatisfied?
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热爱生活0618Omodos Village This historic village is only 42 kilometers away from the city of Limassol. It is the best area to appreciate the ancient rural culture of Cyprus, with pleasant scenery. It is worthy of appreciation.