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Things To Do in Jeju

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E49***56hmm this place is not much to talk about just few rocks beside the sea and place is peaceful with few people
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fei_yeI grew up in the South and I have hardly seen ice sculptures, so I can enjoy myself here. Although the ice sculpture hall is not very big, it is really cold inside, the sculptures are also very beautiful, and there are slides, it is very good to wear more points to experience.
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ChiranIt was an amazing feeling to a place like this. Extraordinary moment felt in the lap of mother earth under the blue sky. Everyone should try to visit the place like this and admire its beauty with others. It is a place under budget and everyone has an easy excess to the place. For me it was a memorable place as I have travelled with someone very close to me and my heart. You guys can also make memories in the lap of mother earth under the blue sky. It is the budgeted area with public transport facility. What a place to be during past time . You can experience a whole new world 🌍. If you are travel lover then this is for you , you should be there . I recommend to all of you to visit this place once in the life time and make it worthy.Thank you🇳🇵🌼🌸🌺🎉💐🌻🔱🔯🕉
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ChiranA whole new world where you can expert the artistic paintings and artistic works by famous artist. Being here will provide you with the history and culture of Korea and Jeju. There are some exhibition hall where the recoded video about Art is being🇳🇵
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D10***52A unique kitchen funny musical, with an average of one laugh point a minute, a burden every three minutes, and an interaction with the audience every five minutes. And this interaction is also full of fun, interspersed to force, the connection is natural and not abrupt. Booking tickets online is only 100+ yuan, which is much cheaper than buying on-site, and it is not in peak season. We bought regular seats and got VIP seats, which is great value. Photographs are not allowed at the scene, and I took photos with the camera without flashing.
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队长 大使馆Start early during winter as you need to past the first checkpoint before noon. Not open for nightwalk. Bring enough water, no shop at the shelter if you use Gwaneumsa trail!