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E33***72Engaging museum about the tragic history of gigantic ship that held some significance to the history of Sweden. Good place to know about the past of Sweden through the story of the ship (the salvaged ship is in the museum too - it’s 5-6 storey high and well-preserves).
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Historical Architecture
Robson CadoreWelcome to the one of the largest palaces in Europe. The Stockholm Palace or the Royal Palace is the official residence of the king od the Sweden, with more than 600 rooms! Mornings are less busier.
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Historical Architecture
City Hall
_We***43The City Hall is known as the last real building in Sweden. Here is a colorful world, a unique art palace supported by the beautiful water city. Even the design of a step has its own unique features. It is easy for us to appreciate the unique skills and conscientious work attitude of architects. There are also many humorous episodes and beautiful details that make people laugh. It is a great place to understand Swedish humanities and traditional arts and modern society.
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XuefeiMake me strong Amway everyone this Skansen‼ ️ One of my favorite museums in Stockholm💕 SKANSEN, the world's first open-air folklore museum. Founded in 1891, it covers an area of more than 30 hectares and has more than 150 houses to show people the life of the Swedes in the past. Including farmhouse, barn, church and bell tower There is also a zoo in the park, which mainly displays animals that grow in the cold regions of Northern Europe. Children especially love Sikansen Park. Skansen is the world's first open-air museum, where a miniature landscape of the entire Sweden is displayed. From the houses, there are wooden or brick houses with grass roofs in southern Sweden, cone-shaped wooden houses in the north, churches and bell towers, almost gathering buildings from all over Sweden. 🐻Zoo🐴 There are actually many animals here. There are many Scandinavian animals, including wolves, brown bears, moose, eagles, otters, sea lions and so on. No wonder so many local children come here, it’s a treasure museum.‼ ️
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Amusement Park
小思文Riserben amusement park is also very interesting, the amusement park is in the city of Gothenburg, large playground, the weekend is very busy, individual items need to queue, but the overall play is very smooth, basically all can play, large amusement park is not much.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Building by Famous Architects
D31***08Visit the place at 12 o’clock and you will observe one amazing spectacle performed by the palace guards!!!

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Nordiska museetStockholm,Sweden

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Goteborg OperaGothenburg,Sweden

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Abisko National ParkKiruna Municipality,Sweden

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German ChurchStockholm,Sweden

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About Sweden

Sweden conjures images of flat pack furniture from IKEA or modern casual styles at H&M. Maybe you think Swedish meatballs or Zlatan Ibrahimovic scoring a masterful goal. In truth, Sweden is all this and much much more. The capital Stockholm is known as the “Venice of Scandinavia,” and is where you can visit the majestic Stockholm Royal Palace, tour the historic Vasa Museum, or learn about the history of the Nobel Prize at the Nobel Museum. The Sweden Solar System is a scale model of the entire solar system that starts at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm extends all the way up to the Swedish Institute of Space Physics in the country’s far north at Kiruna. During the summer, long hours of daylight make this a fantastic place for venturing outdoors. Sweden is truly a wondrous destination.

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