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Things To Do in Tonglu

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PixlimAn exhilarating day out. First we boarded a 10 Seater raft boat into the cavern. The structures in the cave are colorfully lit with 3D effects in some areas. A very unique cavern experience. After that we walked up towards the glass bottom bridge, another intriguing sensation. We enjoyed taking many photographs looking thru the glass pathway. At the end of the bridge, we reached the water drift raft station. It was invigorating to raft all the way down to the base area!
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JeanPThis was such a lovely day, even though it was raining the scenery was magnificent! The best pasty of our hike was the blue lake at the top of the mountain! I would suggest that you wear comfortable shoes, not sandals since the terrain is a little uneven at times!
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Chen001955Yao Lin Wonderland to punch in. It is very beautiful inside. The lighting effect and 3D projection are more attractive. You can enjoy preferential treatment at the age of 60. It is very cool. The scenic area is a bit far from the city center. The karst cave is divided into three parts. One courtyard, two courtyards, three courtyards. The time for play is about 1 and a half hours. The karst cave wonders are collected. Worth a visit.
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WYQ13877584350In the summer, besides watermelon coke, the favorite is rafting. Today, I'm sharing my full strategy for Tiger Roaring Gorge rafting. Address: Tiger Roaring Gorge rafting is in Tonglu County, Hangzhou. A direct search for "Tiger Roaring Gorge" on the map can be found. Drifting is around Hangzhou. Hangzhou drives for an hour and a half, Shanghai drives for 3 hours and a half. Feature 1, canyon rafting is 10 kilometers long, if you drift all the time, it must be an hour and a half, worth the ticket price of 2,260 meters vertical drop, drop big, the middle of the exciting place is super much 3, the environment is good: the whole riverway is clear and water show on both sides. Opening time: Usually from May to the end of September, the opening time of the week during the hot period is as follows: Monday to Friday: 12:30-14:30 (Stop taking the ticket at 14:30 pm, as long as you get the ticket, you can definitely drift away) Saturday to Sunday: 10:30-15:30 (Stop taking the ticket at 15:30 pm, as long as you get the ticket, Certainly can be rafted) But this time will be adjusted according to the weather. It is recommended to call to confirm the ticket price of 170 yuan (we are through the homestay) before you visit. Many booking platforms can book scenic facilities: 1. Scenic Hall: The hall on the 3rd floor is very functional, buying tickets on the first floor, boarding, Bathing (hot water!) on the second and third floors, restaurant and leisure tea bar, the entire facility is the best I have ever done rafting inside. 2. Car park: Super large area, official show area 25000 square meters, small parking space 600, bus parking space 120, drive past friends do not have to worry about no place to park. Remarks: The day of our rafting is the hottest in August, and the most rafting people. Fortunately, there is a check-in boss arrangement, which makes the rafting that would have to be queued for 3 hours become only a half hour queue (after we took the ticket, 12 people are crowded with the owner of the homestay GL8). No queue for the scenic bus, killed the drifting point directly, praise the owner of the hotel) play experience: Tiger Roaring Gorge rafting is in the rafting I have played, more exciting, a water will be crazy to rush down, there is a constant excitement in the middle, At the end of the last time there is a big drop surprise, really is a drift to solve the sorrow. So recommend! Tour Suggestion: 1, take the water splashing water only cool (the scenic spot has sold): Every rafting, I am picking solid helmet, no other than, is the good water splashing, better than the water gun use more stimulus, but this tiger roar gorge rafting is empty helmet, Fortunately, smart as I bought a big water splatter, invincible! 2, sun protection is the best: rafting in the summer, the sun is sunny in the sky, the water is also reflective, this sun intensity directly doubles, so sunscreen, trousers, sunscreen are recommended to be prepared, and sunscreen hats, others splashed my water but can not break my defense, miraculous! 3. Choose a reliable accommodation. We chose to stay at the Huajiantang B&B only 5 kilometers away from drifting. The boss Dandan was also very intimate and gave us a detailed strategy. He worried that our queue time was too long to ruin the play experience and took the initiative to drive us there. Even took us to the point of drift to get in line, to be comfortable, to organize a lot of activities at night, the children were even more happy
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Historical Site
一生好游Drunk pavilion in Yanziling fishing platform scenic spot, passed "mountain high water long" stone archway, through "listening spring" moon door, go to the monument corridor, meet "drunk pavilion", is Li Bai and good friend Quan Zhaoyi drinking poetry place. It is said that he is drinking Jiande Yan Dongguan produced five-plate wine, Fuchun River's Ziling fish, Often drunk on the big stone by the pavilion, later people called that stone "drunken stone". Li Bai is also drunk after the inspiration, in the stone in the drunken writing a lot of poetry.