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PixlimAn exhilarating day out. First we boarded a 10 Seater raft boat into the cavern. The structures in the cave are colorfully lit with 3D effects in some areas. A very unique cavern experience. After that we walked up towards the glass bottom bridge, another intriguing sensation. We enjoyed taking many photographs looking thru the glass pathway. At the end of the bridge, we reached the water drift raft station. It was invigorating to raft all the way down to the base area!
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JeanPThis was such a lovely day, even though it was raining the scenery was magnificent! The best pasty of our hike was the blue lake at the top of the mountain! I would suggest that you wear comfortable shoes, not sandals since the terrain is a little uneven at times!
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修罗凝兮A few people drove to the Cai Lin Karst Cave, did not go with the group, the ticket network bought in advance, the purchase on the spot is a bit troublesome, 10.1 overall not many people, the attraction 8.30 opened, you can rush in the first batch, the tickets include three halls, not including the drifting, the first hall can take a close look at the picture, The latter two halls can be fast-forwarded, gone almost 2.30 hours, there is a drift at the last exit, the original ticket price is 80, the call price of the customer is 40, it is recommended not to play, it is not worth it! After coming out, it is almost 11 o'clock, this time there are more people, overall it is not bad
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Historical Site
一生好游Drunk pavilion in Yanziling fishing platform scenic spot, passed "mountain high water long" stone archway, through "listening spring" moon door, go to the monument corridor, meet "drunk pavilion", is Li Bai and good friend Quan Zhaoyi drinking poetry place. It is said that he is drinking Jiande Yan Dongguan produced five-plate wine, Fuchun River's Ziling fish, Often drunk on the big stone by the pavilion, later people called that stone "drunken stone". Li Bai is also drunk after the inspiration, in the stone in the drunken writing a lot of poetry.
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^最美晴天^Take a break on Friday to go to Baiyunyuan to play with water. I entered the scenic spot at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. There are fewer people. The sightseeing car is very comfortable and it is a big detour. You must walk slowly along the way, there are many places to play with water, the water is cool and clear. Both take the baby to play with water and climb the mountain, very nice! At Xiaolongmen Waterfall at 4 o'clock, many staff are going to work, and the driver was there to wait for us at the end of the week, and took us to Dalongmen Waterfall, very dedicated! Tips: 1. Go to Baiyunyuan, be sure to bring cave shoes and swimsuits 2. Please ask them to open a letter of introduction for dinner and accommodation in the homestay. Tickets can be discounted 3. Slowly wander the scenic spot, play more water, you can bring some snacks, because there is no snack bar along the way 4. Bring mosquito repellent items, There are still some bugs next summer holiday time will definitely play again to climb the mountain!
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Tonglu Travel Tips

About Tonglu

Tonglu (桐庐), jurisdictionally part of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, lies midway along the Qiantang (钱塘) River at the heart of the Fuchun (富春) River–Xin’an (新安) River tourist belt, a national scenic tourist area. Tonglu, with its long history and rich cultural heritage, has been described as “a land of talented spirits and a place of unrestrained natural grace.” Famous attractions here include Yaolin (瑶琳) Fairyland, the Yan Ziling (严子陵) Fishing Platform, the Chuiyun Tongtian (垂云通天) River Scenic Area, and the Daqishan (大奇山) National Forest Park, all of which are very worth a visit.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Tonglu
26 Oct, 2021 Tonglu Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 89%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:10/17:20
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