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Things To Do in Yogyakarta

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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Historical Site
MelbiesIncredibly amazing! I went early and watched the sunrise over the active volcano while chilling on an ancient temple! One of my favorite experiences ever. This is a must in ones lifetime
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Historical Site
E34***80Batik Music Festival was held with Prambanan Temple as the background. Its the second largest Buddhist Temple in the world and offers stunning sunset views.
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liazlWatched the sunrise over Mt Merapi on a Jeep tour. Great experience even briefly saw a lava flow! We had a private jeep for two of us. Driver really knowledgeable and helpful all way through. It was completely worth the 3am start to get there. Would recommend that you do the sunrise rather than sunset as weather in the afternoon is much more unpredictable. It was relatively quiet but by the time we left at 8am it was beginning to be very busy with tours arriving thick and fast.
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Historical Architecture
liazlThe water castle is only the main attraction which is very well maintained and beautiful. Within the compound, there are many more other historical sites, such as the gates, royal kitchen, tunnels, underground mosque, building on top of a hill, etc. The compound now resided by the locals and the lanes are quite narrow and misleading like a spider web, thus, please follow the map closely. To visit this place, i would advise to spare more time as it will get quite crowded with tourists sometime, and you need to walk a lot to visit those ruins.
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liazlExperience Jogja's unique heritage in Keraton, or castle. It stores many history of Jogja's monarchy since the 1st generation. Very good for educational trips.This palace is actively used by the sultan as his residence. So most parts of the palace are closed. If you are lucky, you might catch the dance performances at the courtyard. we went on a Sunday morning and we caught it around 11AM. There is another courtyard behind where there is another group practicing. Thats free to watch as well. There are small museum like buildings showcasing clothes, utensils used by the sultan. But most things are written in jawanese/ Indonesian with no English translations. So without a guide you may not understand much. The palace itself is fairly interesting.
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suifeng2019The Indonesian shadow performers sit cross-legged at the front desk and can be seen by the audience. There are also many shadow props on display in the museum, which are colorful and made very realistic.