The Big Island (Hawaii island)
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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
中西南北东Located in the middle of the North Pacific, the Hawaiian Islands comprise more than 130 islands from southeast to northwest, and are an archipelago that stretches over 2,400 kilometers. Hawaii Volcano National Park (HVN) is a national park in Hawaii, USA. The best way to see it is to take a helicopter, starting at about 1500 renminbi, with several companies doing the business and making pre-booking assignments.
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wendy0511Hawaii not only has beaches, but also has a wealth of geographical knowledge and treasure wealth. It is famous for its volcanoes. It not only has active volcanoes, but also specializes in the Volcano National Park. Therefore, I visited a great spectacle formed by volcanic activity, volcanoes. Melting hole. The Thurston volcanic cave is formed by the lava from the eruption of the volcano. It is very unique. When you see this cave through the tropical rainforest, you have a more surprising understanding of the natural wonders. The whole tour is about 15 minutes is not very long, but Very special geological phenomenon, amazing and very strange
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M30***41Nature truly is amazing. One of the highlights of the Big Island tour because there are very few places on Earth where one can see an active volcano like this.
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Botanical Garden
FlorafifleHawaii Orchid Garden is located on the Big Island, not far from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. After watching the magical work of natural magma and the sea, let's take a look at the gentle flowers cultivated by scientists. There is a huge contrast between the two. I am not an expert. I don't know which varieties are rare, but they are all very beautiful. I have never seen some patterns and colors. Some are available for sale, and some can only be seen but not bought. There are some flowers in the basket at the door, you can pick one and wear it on your chest. The refrigerator stickers sold in the gift shop inside are very nice, mostly in the shape of orchids.
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Outdoor Sports
正义的力量I love this world, in a way of constantly questioning it. very nice!!
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M30***41Great place to stop first thing in the morning. Very pretty spot. Nice water fall

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