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Wenzhou Jingshan Forest Park
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Yandang Mountain
With two days and one night, I will decrypt the guide to eating and living in Wenzhou's fairyland playing in Wenzhou sovereign's "The List", the first episode of Mei Changsu, riding a boat at the lakeside Surrounded by landscapes like landscape paintings! The framing of this picture is in Yandang Mountain in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. Walking through the glass path, there is a lake pond, the dripping water Guanyin Bodhisattva in Longkou Lake, and the mountain shadow is reflected in the lake. ,, is called Yandang Sanju, here is the rock formation, the ancient wood towering, the waterfall falls, the Bitan is clear, and the head is the continuous group of Phosphorus At the foot of the mountain, there is a staggered stone road. The feeling of "there is no age in the mountains, the world has been a millennium" is just like this. References sick bow, live tomb exit, final Nanshan summit, Lingyan Feidu Eat in Wenzhou Have eaten a lot of food, choose more and more, but only the specialty store will keep me in my heart. .. Baiyun people's roast whole lamb is crispy and tender, but the oil is not greasy. Mei Lingqiong, the boss said that girls drink beauty and beauty boys to drink strong kidney, the entrance is sweet and gentle, but it is the most intense wine I have ever drunk. Location: Shiyanyan branch line per capita: 90rmb Sometimes the combination and re-creation of things is so invincible, sweet and sour Mix and match, only bold ideas and full heart, can create just the right food for the stomach, the master of the drunk fairy floor did the most memorable is drunk fairy
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