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Province of Padua,Recommendations
Caffe Pedrocchi
Walking in the streets of Padua, I was looking for a Pedroche cafe built in 1831. I liked its neoclassical style, fresh and bright, and the walls of the cafe still retain the bullet holes left in the war. Into the gate, from the leftmost hand side are the "White Hall", "Red Hall", "Green Hall" three halls, their walls, window sills, tables and chairs and all utensils, respectively, take a color of milk, The wine is red and green, and the style is different, but it has a soft and harmonious beauty. Whitehall is the main dining area, while the red area is suitable for simple drinks such as coffee and pre-dinner. The green area is reserved for people to rest. Nothing is spent all day and no one will disturb. Italian is well known for the taste and love of coffee. In just a few days, I have been infested by their coffee culture. Almost every night until late at night, the next morning with a cup of espresso for breakfast, until the Chinese meal is not hungry. After lunch and after dinner, a cup of espresso is an essential part. In the coffee shop, standing and drinking a cup is different from the price of walking down. At this moment, it is around 5 pm, we have to enjoy a special cup of coffee in this historic cafe. Forgive me for not knowing its name. The espresso coffee is used as a base, then covered with mint cream, and the top is topped with sugar-free cocoa powder. In the past, I didn't add sugar or milk to my coffee. I only drank coffee. At first I just held the psychology of hunting, thinking that it was definitely not my dish. Unexpectedly, it was smooth and smooth, and the faint mint fragrance unexpectedly jumped off, pulling up the overall tone, and licking off the sticky feeling of the cream. The cocoa and the bottom coffee were "falling in love" through the cream, and the Italian taste was confirmed again. From the coffee shop, there is still some time for dinner. There are plenty of tables and chairs on the Piazza della Signoria. The holy light of Jesus is once again on the top of the white bell tower. At this moment, my heart is like water...
Province of Padua,Recommendations
Cappella degli Scrovegni
Padua is close to the romantic water city of Venice. In the evening we came to this city that is not famous in China, but it also has a pivotal position in Europe, with the oldest botanical garden in Europe and the Roman-Gothic cathedral built in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. - St. Antonio's Church, the Scrowney's Chapel, famous for its Giotto's murals, and the University of Padua, the second oldest university in Europe. Galileo and Dante taught here, and Copernicus studied here. I don't know if I don't know. There are so many stories of history and culture here. In the square in the center of Padua, we met a row of big trees wearing crocheted openwork sweaters. It is said that these are prepared by the parents of each leaving child. Represents a love. Leaving the central square, we walked towards the San Antonio Church, a landmark of Padua and a place of pilgrimage for the believers. Originally to commemorate Padua's asylum seeker San Antonio. The majestic church and the combination of various architectural styles make it a landmark in Padua. The pointed arches are a Roman-style transition to Gothic style. The Byzantine domes and the Turkish-style minaret are staggered, and the continuous blind arches under the gables are reminiscent of Lombard. The hustle and bustle of various architectural styles inside the church is also very obvious. For example, the two sides of the symmetrical ear hall are two completely different styles - Romanesque and Gothic.