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Top 5 Vacation Homes in Kashgar - 2024

Updated Apr 2024
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What are some Vacation Homes in Kashgar?
Some Vacation Homes in Kashgar include:Ulanduo Homestay|Consulate1890 Kashgar|YI JING QIAN XUN HOMESTAY|Wild-West-Explorer Home-stay|Rugao. Yicheng Homestay
What are some highly-rated Vacation Homes in Kashgar?
Some highly-rated Vacation Homes in Kashgar include:Ulanduo Homestay:4.7|Consulate1890 Kashgar:4.9|YI JING QIAN XUN HOMESTAY:4.8|Wild-West-Explorer Home-stay:4.7|Rugao. Yicheng Homestay:4.5
At what locations in Kashgar can Vacation Homes in Kashgar be found?
The Vacation Homes in Kashgar are mainly located in:Ulanduo Homestay:Kashgar/喀什古城|Consulate1890 Kashgar:Kashgar/西域大道|YI JING QIAN XUN HOMESTAY:Kashgar/喀什古城|Wild-West-Explorer Home-stay:Kashgar/喀什古城|Rugao. Yicheng Homestay:Kashgar/喀什古城
How much do Vacation Homes in Kashgar cost per night?
Price per night for Vacation Homes in Kashgar:Ulanduo Homestay:From AU$364.00/night|Consulate1890 Kashgar:From AU$365.00/night|YI JING QIAN XUN HOMESTAY:From AU$126.00/night|Wild-West-Explorer Home-stay:From AU$177.00/night|Rugao. Yicheng Homestay:From AU$108.00/night
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