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Top 5 Beaches in Rome - 2023

Taking a walk down an endless beach while gazing at the sunset over the turquoise waters is an excellent way to spend an evening. Feel the vastness of nature with the breeze on your face and sand at your feet.
Updated Oct 2023
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    "A boat-shaped island, the houses above are old and very historical. It feels like there are still people living in these old buildings. From the Basilica of the Virgin of the Tiber River to the mouth of truth, you will pass a bridge, the best from the bridge."
    481m from downtown
    Highlights: Legend has it that townspeople, enraged by the exile of the beloved Tarquino, threw harvested grain here to form the island. Later, Aesculapio, the god of medicine, turned into a snake and built a temple. The church of San Bartomeo is now built on the site of the shrine, next to a modern hospital. This legend is still circulating to this day. The island is in the shape of a boat, and the southern end is built with an oviris in the shape of a mast. Many poets come to this small island to create works in order to escape the noise of the city. In some parts of the ivy-covered buildings and bare walls, you can see steles transported from the ruins of ancient Rome. The Ponte de Cestio on the right bank was built in 60 BC and rebuilt in 365 with stones from the theatre of Machiro. The Fabrizio Bridge on the Left Bank has hardly changed since the park was built in 62. After passing here, almost directly in front is the Marchello Theater.
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    24.1km from downtown
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    24.1km from downtown
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    "Very nice attractions, children like to go often."
    24.1km from downtown
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    "40 minutes from Rome, pleasant beach, but need to book a club like this to get into the beach. There are cabins on the shore for a day, and beach chairs can also be rented at the club or beach. Ostia is closer to the airport from Rome but the road is not good."
    24.3km from downtown


What are some Beaches in Rome?
Some Beaches in Rome include:Tiber Island|Shilling|Stabilimento La Bicocca|Il Gabbiano|V Lounge Beach
What are some highly-rated Beaches in Rome?
Some highly-rated Beaches in Rome include:Tiber Island:4.4|Il Gabbiano:5.0|V Lounge Beach:4.3
At what locations in Rome can Beaches in Rome be found?
The Beaches in Rome are mainly located in:Tiber Island:Rome|Shilling:Rome|Stabilimento La Bicocca:Rome|Il Gabbiano:Rome|V Lounge Beach:Rome