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Ayouminzu Culture MuseumNearby City

Ayouminzu Culture Museum

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123.8km from Libo ·
"Ayou (Miao name: young after the good, learned name: Li Wenfang), is Guizhou Province senior arts and craftsman, Leishan County Miao embroidery is not inherited. Since the 1990s, she has traveled to Guizhou small Miao Village, buy various old objects, but also with the old embroidery piece restoration lost embroidery package. Ayou is three generations of embroidery mother, from 14 years old to follow my sister mother to learn embroidery. With needle as pen, to line as ink, the millennium Miao migration history embroidered in dress, more their own rich years have been dedicated to embroidery. When the net red homestay of Xijiang is more and more, foreigners come to Miaozhai acquisition price is higher and higher, she still deeply care not to change, unwilling to give up half of her life Miaoxiu. Miao embroidery is all the embroidery mother's love and expectations, she can not bear these skills of the old things lost in foreign countries, more can not bear the Miao embroidery, batik these ancient handicrafts ended in their own hands. Miao's words have become a heavenly book, and Miao embroidery is a silent history. Miao embroidery is not only the inheritance of technology, but also the inheritance of national spirit and culture. Anyone who has seen Miao embroidery with his own eyes will not forget the beauty and glitter of the Chinese high-definition. With the decline of traditional skills, Ah You has increasingly realized that collection is not enough. She wants more people to know and experience the charm of traditional craftsmanship, to make a more appropriate home for the old embroidery pieces that have been treasured for many years, and to show her half-life's work to show more people who have feelings for traditional craftsmanship and love the ancient national totem. Resisted as Ah You, she is with twelve points of piety, determined to build a Miao people belong to their own museum. Even carpenter husbands do not understand this and the market economy contrary to the decision, even a pair of children do not want to return to Xijiang to take over her business, she will not back. The mellow rice wine nourishes Ah You's innate toughness. She follows the will of freedom, spends hundreds of thousands of dollars from her own pocket and hands-on transforming the National Museum of Culture. Nine months of construction, more than 800 pieces of art and crafts, but it has gathered the love and hard work of the past two decades. She would have done well to reclaim the treasures of the nation and recreate the richness of the embroidery, and that was her pride and glory, and her faith and age. "I want to see you" column group to come to Xijiang recording, intimate Jingtian, Su Youpeng star guests specially to find the children outside. When the son publicly said to go back to the stockade to do batik matters, she couldn't help but red-eyed. Glory never requires a crown, but the child's recognition gives the time of the moment more meaning. The batik swab cracks freely in hot water, slowly boils up a nice crack in ice, and creates the unique pattern. Like Ah You and her National Culture Museum, in the brewing of time, filled with the cultural memory of a nation, the achievement of an independent woman's greatest dream. # You've never seen anything new # City Humanities # Go to the museum to explore # Local Characters & Ethnic Culture # Minority free punch card recommended"