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Ninghai Bay Tourism Holiday Resort

Ninghai Bay Tourism Holiday Resort

4.5/532 Reviews
Ranked #4 in Ninghai Can't Miss Attractions
45.8km from city centre
"One of the 12 islands of the Qiangyu Islands is an important part of the Ninghai Bay tourist resort in development. The island is headed north and south, long 0.76 kilometers, wide 0.23 kilometers, and 51 meters above sea level. No matter which angle you look at the island, it is in the form of a transverse shape, like the word "mountain", hence the name. There is a town of Fukushima on the island, the original front and back of the second hall, built in the Ming Dynasty, Liangzhu for the Qing Dynasty modelling, the number "Little Putuo", from Fenghua, Ningbo, Ninghai area of good men and women are constantly. The island is lush and green, quiet and quiet. The island's surrounding rocks, after the long-term waves, become waves and cliff holes, thousand postures, the scenery is attractive. If you are fortunate to travel, as a "Penglai Xianke"! Other attractions include Punan Temple, the former site of the provincial aquatic school, etc. This is an ancient and mysterious island. As early as the Han Dynasty, Emperor Wu was the key to the seaway and set up a pavilion (Tuqi) to the Northern Song Dynasty, Mei's wife Hezi as companion Lin Yu took an interest in this area, in Siguping built the image of the Taiji Palace. In the Ming Dynasty, the mirage was called the mirage gate, and the whole seagull was named the Bohai Sea. At this time, the folk spread a story of Guanyin solution, so Hengshan Island rose up the town of Fukuyin worship Guanyin, "Little Putuo" the name of the rumors. The Ming Dynasty began to prohibit deforestation, so far the island has been ancient trees, more than 700 years of mulberry and hibiscus trees. Today, Qiangyu has built a 3,000-ton pier, Ningbo City's natural harbor and marine base, but the Tingzhai site, Ming and Qing ancient buildings and four Guping Road, small Putuo Temple, and other ancient sites are still intact. Visit here, you can send the ancient feelings, enjoy the wonders of the sea and the sky, seafood taste of the new."