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Faman Manor

Faman Manor

3 Reviews
"Historical Architecture"
17.5km from city centre
"Ningbo has a Farman Manor The owner of the manor is a middle-aged woman, who is very kind and very happy, even if fifty meters away, she will show no pretence of the smile. Perhaps because of the long-term exposure to the flowers, she is like a graceful perfume, even in winter, the fragrance will be filled in the cold air from the large window overlooking the crowded and overlapping city, the mood will follow the afternoon often come to the eagle flying. With the trees and mountains, she embraced the city, which was embarrassed by overlapping, and indifferent by embarrassment. She was patient, and every time we stood in the blooming orchid garden, she patiently explained the flowers and plants in a basin, introducing them to the variety, appearance and fragrance of the flowers and plants. The rows of cabins, in a retro style, seemed to step into the little manor of France, the corridors full of flowers, the flowers in pots, unknown to the name, but know its beauty, a flower of the beautiful flowers, grew long vines, climbed up the wooden pillars, Become a flower wall, red flowers and green leaves against each other, cold cabin, with the tenderness of flowers. The little friend was running wildly on the grass, looking forward to freedom, carefree, smiling happy, accidentally fell down, patted the dust on his body, fell from where, there was a climb up, fearless appearance, is very pleasant, Sunshine on the child's face, smile as if sweeter, see this scene, mouth corners have curvature. The shadow of the trees on the meadow, with its tall appearance, the shadows stretching and stretching, chasing time, rising and setting, all have endless hope, calm water, the wind blowing, up waves, the stars in the sky, sprinkled in the lake, ordinary people, with fairyland romance. Walking through the long path, sitting in the pavilion, listening to the wind blowing through the ear, watching the birds lightly pecking at the water, falling into the air, but not seeing sadness and joy, everything in the world, are changing, only a calm heart, has been firmly convinced, in the beauty of healing, and in the beauty of rebirth. 🍭 2021, West #, Tengling Reservoir, Hengjie Town, Haishu District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province"
Maichai'ao Reservoir

Maichai'ao Reservoir

7 Reviews
"Water Conservancy Project"
24.3km from city centre
"Everything grows and spring is in the wild. – The Chaiyu Reservoir is not only charming in autumn, but also fascinating in spring. –▪️ Shortcut route to Metasequoia grassland on foot for 20 minutes for sale: ▫️ Self-driving Navigation: Tianhu Scenic Area ▫️ Parking Note: The open space before the car stops (do not stop in the iron gate, the iron gate will lock) ▫️ Must see Tips: ① Shortcut dirt road is very difficult to get down, Need a certain amount of physical strength, rainy days cautious, children persuaded; ② Tianhu Scenic Area is a construction site, you need to cross the stone pile on the right to enter, and there is a black dog guard on the left (it is estimated that even this road may be blocked at any time); ③ After passing the first pass above, walk 5 minutes through the gravel road, you will see a dirt road downhill all the way, downhill is the end; ④ wear non-slip hiking shoes, bring a hiking stick, otherwise it will be more painful to return to the mountain road. (Don't ask, ask is that I wear leather shoes to climb, cry the whole journey). ⑤ If you are camping, go to the battle lightly! Still the old saying, camping, please no trace! Please low carbon! Take away the garbage, thank you. – Although the journey is difficult, but see the moment of the greenwood forest, the mood is suddenly bright! – In the vast grasslands, the grass is still there, and the stars are decorated with wild flowers, spreading the preface of early summer. Breathing this endless green, from the heart to the skin, dyed into mint. – Thanks for watching, we will see you next stop. # camping together #Spring City Micro Vacation #Spring is coming"