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chenweiwenNanguo Summer Palace is located in Wuzhishan City Taipingshan Tourist Scenic Area, where the green mountains surrounded, the forest is dense, the four seasons birds language flowers fragrance. Because of its altitude of 618 meters, the annual average temperature is 22℃, the forest cover rate is 98%, the content of negative ions in the air is more than 12,000 cubic centimeters, which is several times of the average city, is the true "natural oxygen bar". Across the Nanguo Summer Palace Hotel, along the valley stream there is a stone steps to the top of the hill. We picked up the steps, along the way all over the ancient trees, the valley is steep is famous Taiping waterfall, followed by the sound of water, a white spray flow down the rock seams, although there is no horse rushing, but also lost the beauty of ethereal.
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kent520Excellent rafting, the irritation degree is more than expected, the journey is repeatedly ups and downs, and the whole process is longer, is the longest time in the rafting, the cost-effectiveness is very high, strongly recommended.
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鹿城金灶沐 This place is well worth it, exciting and fun! Also the views along the way are quite beautiful, playing with friends will make you feel the joy of your childhood, will definitely make you linger and have the opportunity to return to your old place!
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Nature Reserve
M45***59Wuzhishan Hainan's highest point, the general public take Changhua River's source path, like to climb the mountain can challenge the peak, the air is super. There are many fungi in the mountain, not to pick afraid of toxic.
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精灵背包游侠Playing in the Emerald Valley-is the valley that winds down from the Taiping Mountain. The stream is gurgling and refreshing all the way! No wonder the mountain is also called the "Southern Summer Palace". It is indeed a cool oasis on a tropical island and a summer resort. How can you miss the fun of playing in the free water park? !
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HweiniThe National Museum is a quadrangle with national characteristics, simple and spectacular. The museum has 6 main exhibition halls and 2 mobile exhibition halls, as well as the National Arts and Crafts Shopping Mall and Studio. The exhibition halls show various cultural relics, national and folk customs, historical pictures and materials respectively, reflecting the political, economic, cultural and local customs of the Li and Miao peoples from the Neolithic period to the liberation of Hainan. And they worked with the Han people to build the history of Hainan. The Museum of Ethnology was opened in 1986. Inside the pavilion, on the face of several large Li Jin hanging decorations, the Jin to Li people marriage, farming and other life scenes as the theme embroidery spinning, the base cloth is black self-dyeing cloth, above red, green, white thread embroidery into a variety of geometric patterns. All the buildings in the museum are connected by a cloister, and the middle is a small garden. The appearance, costumes, ornaments, weaving methods, musical instruments, medical treatments and other customs of the Li people are similar to those of the AMI and the Taiya ethnic minorities in Taiwan.

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Red Crayon RaftingWuzhishan,China

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Wuzhishan Rainforest Valley RaftingWuzhishan,China

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Grand Canyon Drifting in WuzhishanWuzhishan,China

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Wuzhishan Tropical RainforestWuzhishan,China

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Wuzhishan National Nature ReserveWuzhishan,China

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Taipingshan PubuWuzhishan,China

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About Wuzhishan

Wuzhishan is a county-level city under the administration of Hainan Province. It is named after Wuzhi Mountain (“Five-Finger Mountain”), the highest mountain on Hainan Island. Wuzhishan is the urban and transportation hub of central Hainan Island and is where the ethnic minorities of central Hainan live. Here you will find natural and cultural attractions like Wuzhi (“Five-Finger”) Mountain, Atuoling Provincial Forest Park, and the Qiongya Column Command Center with its sightseeing garden.

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22 Oct, 2021 Wuzhishan Weather: Overcast, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 89%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:38/18:14
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