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Kloster EberbachNearby City

Kloster Eberbach

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Open on Mon-Fri,10:00am-7:00pm;Open on Sat-Sun,9:00am-7:00pm (Local time)
"Germany's best winery is always a paradise for self-driving lovers, the pastoral scenery, small town style on the way, the Alps memorable and deep experience of the German wine region and the culture Germany is the best white wine region in the world. At present, there are 13 wine producing areas, and there are countless large and small wineries. Here, we introduce a few more distinctive Abbeys of Abbach (Kloster Eberbach), which is not only one of the most precious historical sites in the architecture of European medieval monasteries, but also one of the oldest wineries in Germany, the Romanesque. Gothic and baroque architecture is perfect for a combination of some Hollywood blockbusters and the soft, velvet touch of the Rycom entrance, the biggest feature of the Centennial Winery. Winzerkeller Hex vom Dasenstein The winery is not only award-winning innumerable, but also called the most beautiful wine town in Germany. It is said that a mysterious and romantic witch produces a heart-throb wine here. The town has churches and various European buildings. Next to it is 165 hectares of vineyard Pinot Noir. Lei Vanna, Rei Commander, Grey Pinault, Qiong Yue Pulp, Cabernet Sauvignon ...... All kinds of varieties are dazzling. The New Weil Palace Schloss Neuweier Castle Winery Winery is located in the third largest wine region of Germany in Baden, with the most abundant sunshine in Germany. The owner Robert bought the castle in 2012, and the golden sun was shining on the vast vineyards, like the Golden Valley, not only there are the fine wine Riesling and the fine wine Riesling. Pino, along with the specialty hotel and Michelin one-star restaurant wine bankers, who have good wine and are worried about the bad Germans, put their collections in the German Wine Bank. Self-service access to the collection with membership cards and the wines from the different wineries offered by the bank, great experience trip tips first self-driving, great wine producing areas, wine path with traffic instructions, many small towns worth stopping to bring a Chinese driver's license and international translator The German highway is generally not limited by speed. Remember to turn on the night light during the day. Germany Europe"