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Things To Do in Cannes

145 Reviews
Recreation center
M30***11If you are curious about something, it is better to walk in and take a look, just like the Cannes Film Palace. Every time you see the red carpet about Cannes in the film festival and the international big-name catwalks on TV, you think it must be beautiful. In fact, it is true. When I got here, I walked in, and it was very ordinary.
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01234567890liSmall cross avenue of the most famous for its palm trees all over the road exotic. The winding coastal trail in the sand dunes, now has anchored on both sides lined with famous brand shops and luxury hotels. Visitors here feet on the sand beach, enjoying the colorful parasols jungle, really feel relaxed. Sometimes visitors may also encounter a millionaire or a star here.
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SH微风One of the two outlying islands of Cannes, the big one is St. Margaret, the small one is St. Hornaray. The island is covered with pine trees, and there is a fortress that once held the Iron Man prison. The island is small and scenic. Ferry ferry 15 minutes from Vieux Port, Old Port near the Film Festival Palace, and no entry fee to the island.
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M47***24[View] [Fun] [Cost-effective] 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
Nearby City
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云12345A beautiful girl, lying quietly on the edge of the blue mirror, in the shadow of the blooming orange tree, long hair was blowing away by the sea breeze, the waves beat her bare feet. This is Nice, a mediocre and relaxing city!
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小思文You can come here when you are on your own. This road is a very prosperous place. You can experience many unique landscapes here. There are tree-lined paths on the avenue, and there are many hotels where you can choose E to sit and eat. It's good, suitable for the whole family to think about here.

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