Bahagian Sandakan
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Things To Do in Bahagian Sandakan

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小思文The long-nosed monkey reserve is a place with unique natural ecological environment as the main body, the long-nosed monkey is also a very cute small animal, the scenery inside the reserve is also rich, the long-nosed monkey is very suitable for the wild life, the range of the reserve is also very large.
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队长 大使馆Turtles lay their eggs throughout the year, but the best time to head there is between July and October when the sea is calmer.Observe the collection of eggs, tagging of mother turtles and releasing baby turtles to the sea at this island other than Terengganu.
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E33***42Very nice place to visit and see the Orangutan. Well protected place for the animal. Tourist attraction.
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D31***57A gem in the Sulu Sea. We booked a sea villa and the view is astounding. Water is pristine thanks to the well conservation works conducted. Transfer from Sandakan to Lankayan Island was escorted. The island itself was also guarded. It is safe in contrary to common disbelief. Advised to book at least 2 months early to avoid disappointment.
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多多I really like it here (Rainforest Adventure Center). I also visited the nearby Sepilok Ape Man Reserve (about 20 minutes on foot-no taxi). I really enjoyed the tranquility here. Because part of Sepilok Ape Man Reserve is very busy (a lot of tourists). There are some breathtaking elevated walkways, suspension bridges and bird watching towers. And you will feel that you and Conglin have become one, a great experience! We were lucky to see an orangutan during our visit. In the 15th district, even if you can only hear some birdsong, this area is also very suitable for walking around. We also saw a small snake, black hornbill, big squirrel and squirrel. I went back to the 30th district for a night trip and saw flying squirrels, slow loris, kingfishers, vipers and owls.
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吃瓜群众167Gomantong Cave is located in the rainforest reserve of Gomantong Mountain in Sabah. It is staggered and it is very empty. However, for the convenience of tourists, a boardwalk about 90 meters high is built in the cave to collect bird’s nests and Visitors can watch the professional bird's nest collection process from February to August every year. There is no place for entertainment, pure viewing.