Khet Battambang
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Things To Do in Battambang

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这里是彼岸The Phnom Sampov mountain in Battambang, Cambodia. The scenic spots on this mountain include Bat Cave, Killing Cave, Hilltop Temple, Peak View, etc.
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这里是彼岸The Battambang Museum (Museum) is about 1 km from the city center and close to the Governor’s Palace. Highlights of Battambang include exquisite Angkor-period lintels and statues collected from various parts of Battambang province such as Nong Ba Nan Mountain and Sien, with high signs. Cotton, English and French. The precious statues and sculptures of Khmer art unearthed in the border area are displayed here.
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Historical Site
PrincessttI have come down to see more than a dozen temples in a day, and I don’t even remember which temple is which picture. In fact, most temples have similar architectural styles, but the degree of damage varies
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_We***33We also went to Kandal Temple in Battambang, a very large temple, very beautiful, there are many monks in it, and there are not many tourists here, so you can enjoy it slowly.
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Historical Architecture
M44***33This is the most striking colonial building in Battambang. It was built by an Italian architect for the then Governor of Thailand, who ended his term in 1907. There are European-style balconies, bar counters, shutters, etc. in the late 19th century. The ceiling of the 5 meters high room seems to have enough space to give you the smell of history.
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这里是彼岸Cambodia (Battambang) Linzhong Temple (Somrongknong Pagods/Wat Samrong Knong). is an ancient temple. A new monastery was built in the area of the old monastery, and it is worth visiting when you have time. Tickets: Free.