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Berat Fortress
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Nearby City
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Skanderbeg Square
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Mangalem Quarter
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Tirana e Re Piramida
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Berat Castle
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Cobo Winery
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Osumi Canyon
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Bogove Waterfall
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Luani Winery
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Hotel Colombo
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Hotel Gega
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Hotel Kaceli
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Hotel Orestiada
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Hotel Green House
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Hotel Vila Nino
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Ermal Eri
Ermal Eri
#tripaway Berat, "the city of one on one windows", remains one of the strongest riots for the tourism of history, art and culture in Albania. Due to its special historical and cultural values, Berat was declared a "museum city" in 1961, and since 2008 it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city of Berat continues to remain one of the most favorite destinations for foreign tourists, not to mention domestic ones. The fact that the city of Berat is already part of UNESCO, but also the special cultural and historical values ​​that this area carries over the years, have attracted more and more the attention of tourists to visit. Berat harmoniously combines western and eastern culture and best proves the tradition of religious harmony in the country. Only 90 minutes away from Tirana, Berat can offer delicious food, free accommodation, hospitality and history. The neighborhood within the castle walls is still inhabited. If you walk here, do not be surprised to find yourself in someone's yard thinking it is a church (about 40 churches are thought to have existed inside the castle). In spring and summer the aroma of chamomile spreads throughout the castle neighborhood. A picnic under the shade of pine trees and the landscape of Gorica would be a good way to relax, after walking on the steep cobbled streets. Onufri Museum The castle has traditionally been an Orthodox neighborhood, but very few churches have survived. The largest church is the "Sleeping of St. Mary", where the Onufri Museum is located. It dates from 1797 and is built on the existing foundations of a church of the century. X. The works of Onufri are exhibited here. #visitalbania #tripaway
In addition to looking up to the city of the thousand windows on the ground, the castle on the top of the hill overlooks the entire ancient city. We arrived at the castle before the setting sun set. There were steep and straight cobblestone roads along the road. There were many old houses preserved in the Millennium Village on both sides of the road. The old woman leaned against the pedestrians at the door. At the foot of the castle, there was only a little shimmer on the horizon, and we were walking through this dilapidated wall in such awkward environment. At the moment, there are thousands of lights in the house, and the sunset is the end of the sunset. We are like the lost people who broke into the peach blossoms, and unwittingly walked into the painting, a very strange enjoyment.
Been to such a number of ancient capitals, Albania's Berat is the most ancient city than the ancient capital, with thousands of white cottages built on the hills, known as the city of thousands of windows. There are not a lot of special products, there are no expensive and unreal restaurants, the shouts of screaming are gone, the tourists who are shouldering the shoulders are gone, the old houses on the hillside are scattered, and the locals on the meteorite road are indifferently chatting. The charm of the city of Perrault is not only the windows that are stacked on top of each other, but also the walls that stand for centuries, the preservation of Ormansian architecture, the culture of East and West, traditions and customs. Perfectly combined here. The most interesting thing is to see the architecture of the Byzantine church in the 13th century, the 15th century Ottoman mosque blended here, and the famous castle of the 4th century AD. At the sunset, climb the steep cobblestone road to the top of the castle, the entire ancient city is transformed into a peach blossom source. When the weather is fine on the afternoon, the tourists are stunned. The locals are sunbathing in the square, licking the corn, chatting and looking like a peaceful. At the bridge, I met a friendly and kindly grandfather. They didn't speak English. When he knew that I was from China, I was full of smiles. I used a simple English to praise "China good!". At some moment, they remembered. The "China-Arab friendship" of the last world, if you have been to Albania, the misunderstanding of it may be answered.

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